BMW unveils e-trike and e-scooter concepts

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BMW Group has unveiled two new concept micromobility solutions, a three while e-trike called the DYNAMIC CARGO and an e-scooter concept called the CLEVER COMMUTE. 

Both micromobility concepts have been designed to offer a range of over 20 kilometres (12 miles). One particularly important feature for city use is the battery pack, which can be removed and charged at home.

The compact, three-wheeled cargo bike concept features a loading platform with innovative attachments for transporting loads and/or children as well as for leisure activities. “Our goal was to develop a concept that retains the agility and driving feel of a normal bicycle while adding innovative, safe transport options” says Jochen Karg, Head of Vehicle Concepts in the BMW Group’s New Technologies and China division. “The “Concept DYNAMIC CARGO” is the first dynamic ‘pick-up’ cargo bike that combines driving pleasure with flexible use and increased year-round suitability.”

The key component of the three-wheeled Concept DYNAMIC CARGO is the front mainframe, which is connected to the rear section via a pivot axle and tilts in corners. The rear section remains stable through all corners without tilting towards the road, claims BMW. This combines with the electrified powertrain – which is activated as soon as the rider starts to pedal and drives the two rear wheels – to make the cargo bike just as easy to ride as a standard bicycle, says the manufacturer.

As well as producing far greater riding stability in all weather conditions compared to two-wheeler designs, the rear wheels with their rigid, non-pivoting axle mounting also provide the basis for a versatile, pick-up-style transport platform. This can be fitted with a selection of innovative modular attachments for carrying luggage and/or children. The modular design principle paves the way for many more use cases, too. The non-pivoting design of the transport platform has the additional benefit that the rider is barely aware of any extra weight being carried, enabling stable transportation. 

Meanwhile, with the CLEVER COMMUTE, the BMW Group is now presenting an e-scooter that folds easily for carrying on public transport and/or by car without compromising on riding stability in any way, it says. In public transport mode, the footboard folds up at the sides and the rear wheel pivots into the resulting aperture from below. This mechanism shortens the wheelbase of the CLEVER COMMUTE substantially so that it can even be carried on an escalator without difficulty. This is an important requirement if the journey includes underground transport routes.

It can also be rolled along on both wheels in this mode, rather like a trolley case. And the front wheel’s integral hub motor provides an electric impulse that makes it easier to push the CLEVER COMMUTE up ramps. BMW claims the CLEVER COMMUTE can be folded up to a size that fits easily into small vehicle boots, with larger boots able to accommodate several of them for family outings. 


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