Airbnb partners with what3words to help find properties

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Navigation technology company what3words and holiday rental company Airbnb today have announced a collaboration to support the British holiday industry. 

As many Brits look to holiday closer to home this summer, Airbnb has partnered with what3words to make it easier for anyone who wants to take advantage of the anticipated travel surge.

With what3words, hosts can direct guests to the exact entrance of their stay, allowing anyone to share the location of their property hassle-free. The system supports those who wish to explore their entrepreneurial flare by opening up their properties and making use of unusual spaces and plots of land that don’t have their own allocated address such as tents, stables, treehouses and barn conversions.

With half of new listings that were both activated and booked in early 2021 receiving their first reservation request within four days, and the average host pocketing nearly £1,000 last summer, prospective hosts can now learn more about how much they could potentially earn by sharing their space on Airbnb through the What’s My Place Worth tool.

Examples of those who have listed their special properties with Airbnb using what3words include a barn conversion and beautiful Welsh cottage in the heart of Anglesey, and a luxury apartment renovated from a former stables in the outskirts of the Village of Higher Kinnerton, near Chester.

The partnership will see what3words and Airbnb teaming up to inspire potential hosts with the opportunity that the summer staycation brings, kickstarting with an education host event, and showing that with a patch of land or a spare outbuilding that can be found easily with its what3words address.

Says Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO at what3words:

“We already see a huge number of hosts on Airbnb using what3words for a smooth arrival and check-in process. Guests want to arrive relaxed and on-time, and hosts want the stay to start like this too. But Covid-19 has brought a new dynamic to this. Having a tool like what3words enables people to address and list any part of their property on Airbnb. It’s amazing to see inspired and entrepreneurial hosts maximising their properties and turning them into unique accommodation.”

Adds Amanda Cupples, General Manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb:

“From remote cabins to rural barns, Airbnb provides endless opportunities for adventure across the UK, particularly for those staycationing this summer. Through Airbnb’s collaboration with what3words, hosts on Airbnb can provide guests with an unforgettable stay, without worrying about navigation. And, with rural travel accounting for almost half of British Airbnb bookings for summer 2021, Brits are more excited than ever to discover these off-the-beaten path destinations.”

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