Is It Safe To Use VPN On Phones?


Modern dilemma:
We all want to enjoy content and privacy both at the same time.

Well, you are not alone in this.

Whether it’s watching your favorite show on Netflix or using a public hotspot reliably, streaming VPN on phones can help you with the best of both worlds.

G2 states that 92% of public Wi-Fi users on mobile devices overlook security warnings from their phones. So, if you come under this 92%, it’s time to answer the most awaited question, “Is it safe to use VPN on phones?”

Is It Safe To Use VPNs On Phone?

A big yes! It’s perfectly safe to use a VPN on your cell phone.

Let us understand the reason behind it.

Why Do You Need VPN On Phone?

You need a VPN on your phone to cover and protect your identity in order not to hamper your internet browsing experience.

It provides you with a sense of comfort that no one is snooping on your bank details or browser history. So many VPN providers propose features like flexible encryption, powerful speed, and a one-tap interface. This attracts users to consider VPNs as a 24-hour friend.

Connecting your device with a VPN helps you to prevent DNS leaking and enjoy safe and reliable internet on your phone.

As stated in a business-to-community item, investing in VPNs is a small expense that can save you a lot of money and aggravation in the future.

Benefits Of VPN On Your Phone

These days we shop, we chat, we explore, and we surf on our phones 24×7. There’s no end to this. So, this is a genuine reason to install a VPN on your phone.

Well, there are thousands of benefits of using VPN on the phone, but we will put the best in front of you:

  • Using Public Wi-Fi Can Be Safe

Whether you’re in a coffee shop, at an airport, or a restaurant, using public Wi-Fi is common. A VPN is essential to safeguard your privacy and secure connection in these cases.

Your data becomes susceptible to hackers when you use public Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily spy on your privacy due to the unsecured network. Even the public Wi-Fi with password protection is not safe because the same password is available to everyone.

A VPN will protect you with the help of encryption and anonymized data. So, no matter where you are, always remember that a public hotspot is considered snooping heaven. Hence, it’s essential to connect your device to your VPN first and then verify the network.

Any data sent to the internet through the encrypted tunnel created by VPN is secured, personal, and confidential. To disable any unauthorized access to your files or data, use VPN and connect to a server available in your area.

  • Encrypt Your Financial Data

As claimed by Statista, 55% of people responded that their financial records were routinely encrypted within their enterprise in 2020.

Securing your financial data is easy with the help of the VPN armor. Here’s what it means, you know that your bank is taking every possible step to protect your financial data, but hackers on the internet are always waiting for a chance to steal your bank details.

So, how do we make sure your data and finances are secure, and that too with the help of mobile? Use a VPN, and voila! You’re all set to go.

Suppose you’re worried about your personal bank details, whether its password or data, credit card details, opt for a good VPN service. It hides your IP address and masks it whenever you’re using any open Wi-Fi source, making a transaction, or using mobile apps for online banking purposes.

Top-notch VPNs like UrbanVPN also allow a no-log policy which means no one can see or access your browsing history. Thus, your history is safe and secure.

It also protects your finances from phishing, insecure networks by first identifying them and adding an extra security layer. It also blocks unwanted ads and protects your device from malware.

  • Encrypt Your Voice & Video Chat Data

Well, Covid-19 has forced us to hop on video or audio chats to connect with people. If you haven’t connected your data to a secured VPN, whether you opt for Zoom or Skype, ISPs and hackers notice your every move.

Moreover, with the help of encrypted messaging and calls, VPN creates a safe tunnel between your device and VPN client-server. This way, your chats and video call recordings are locked and can’t be unlocked in any case.

With so many benefits of using a VPN, securing your voice and skype video calls is one of the best benefits of all time. It protects your data and removes any wanted listener or intercepts who wants to record or hack your call recordings.


The major shift in the technological landscape has a snowball effect in the security and VPN industry also. To exercise privacy first, go for top-notch quality VPNs. They can protect your privacy and also save the headache of trying out multiple VPNs.

It’s good to invest. So, install the best VPN for your android now and secure your data and privacy on this geeky internet.


Chris Price