Are Scratch Cards One of the Most Pleasantly Surprising Things to Have Had a Digital Makeover?


When a number of physical games were first digitalised, it was quite a novelty. However, it soon became apparent that online versions of everyday pastimes in the real world would soon replace their ancestors. Still, there are some games that have continued to surprise people with their digital versions. Few people could have expected scratch cards to move online, but when they did, they were met with widespread approval.

Scratch Cards Have been a Welcome Addition to Bingo Sites

Online bingo operators have brought in a variety of different games over the last five years as a way to attract a wide demographic to their sites. Along with slot games, it has been found that scratch cards great for online bingo. They appeal to the players who are looking for instant win offerings, and they are simple to use.

Scratch cards can be made in diverse themes, meaning that developers can create offerings to suit assorted personalities. For example, there is the Winning Match scratch card that would appeal to football fans, and the Souffle Surprise offering that would be more suited towards the type of people who watch programs like the Great British Bake Off.

Incredible for Convenience

One of the primary reasons why scratch cards have been such a major hit is down to the convenience factor. Players no longer have to go down to their local newsagent or supermarket and wait in line. It also means that the amount of litter is reduced, and there is no chance of someone losing a winning ticket.

On top of all that, any winnings from these online scratch cards are paid out immediately. This means that there is no stress for the players in wondering whether they will receive their windfall or not. When it comes to collecting winnings from physical scratch cards, local retailers can only pay up to a certain amount. This means that winners of the largest sums of money have to send their tickets in the post and wait on tenterhooks for their jackpots to arrive.

Other Surprising Digital Adaptations

There is no denying that the digitalisation of scratch cards has been pleasantly surprising. This could be up there with the migration of board games to the online world. The fact that the name of these offerings denotes that they need to be played on a board, initially made it seem strange for them to appear as computer versions.


Now there are loads of great online versions of popular board games that seem naturally fitting to the online universe. These include offerings like Scrabble, Risk, Monopoly, and many others. The digital games may have a less communal feel to them, but they do allow for online play between people in different locations all over the world.

The fact that scratch cards have been transported online shows that anything can be digitalised. The computerised versions of these games have proven to be incredibly popular, and are way more convenient than their predecessors.

Tech Digest Correspondent