Android vs. iPhone: Finding The Right Smartphone For Your Needs

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If you’re ready to invest in a new smartphone, you have the two main iPhone or Android options. And while each offers its unique perks, both also offer their unique downfalls. As a result, there’s no one solid answer to determine which smartphone manufacturer is the best. However, you can weigh out these pros and cons to decide which is best for you.

iPhone Pros And Cons

The iPhone is a mammoth brand that only Apple makes, and as a result, these phones are generally quite pricey compared to Android phones made by a list of different brands. However, this also makes the iPhone a luxury smartphone. Apple also has its own app store, although it offers fewer apps than that of the Google Play Store. On the upside, key apps almost always debut first on Apple’s app store and are only later made available for Android users. App quality is also substantially higher due to more considerable development funds available for Apple.

In addition to this, iPhone hardware is also high quality, and the ongoing support for older means that your iPhone won’t be left in the past anytime soon. What’s more, you can save a bit by considering refurbished iPhones. With a new increase in demand for recommerce, which is selling repurposed goods, you won’t have much trouble finding refurbished iPhones for a fraction of the actual purchase price. Another downfall with the iPhone is that it is primarily intended for use with other Apple devices. Therefore, if you are already an Apple user, you should probably stick to the iPhone as your other devices won’t likely be compatible.

Android Pros And Cons

Various leading brands make Android phones, with Samsung, Hisense, and Oppo some of the widely considered leading manufacturers out there. As a result, you can find new model android smartphones with all the latest features for different prices, which makes Android the cheaper option for the latest smartphone even when it comes to refurbished Android phones. In addition, apps may often be freely available on the Google Play store, although you will get the latest apps and updates later than iPhone users.

Hardware quality will depend on the Android brand, although Samsung is likely to be one of the more durable options. The main downfalls are lack of privacy as Android isn’t as secure as iPhone. With that said, you will have a wider variety of smartphones to choose from as Android phones are available across an extensive range. So if you are after a unique smartphone Android is an excellent choice.

When choosing the right smartphone for your needs, your primary considerations should be your budget, hardware durability, app variety, and phone design. Outside of these factors, if you have more specific needs, such as quality cameras for photography, you should compare the specs on Android phones in your budget range against iPhones to get the best smartphone. The same is applicable if you need a smartphone with a larger screen display or a more compact smartphone.

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