Zoom: An Overview of the Benefits and Secrets

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The coronavirus pandemic has made tangible changes in our lives. A lot of new things have appeared: virtual sports betting, isolation trends in TikTok, a lot of remote vacancies. Thus, most companies have decided to transfer their employees to a remote mode of work. Although the viral situation is gradually returning to normal, working from home is still relevant for thousands of employees.

In order not to violate the well-established traditions of solving key organizational issues, businesses choose the Zoom service, which provides a stable and high-quality online conference. Interestingly, this service has become in demand not only among office workers, but also among schoolchildren and students who have switched to distance learning.

Many people ask the question: which is better – Zoom or Skype? On the one hand, the familiar Skype also allows us to communicate with colleagues and friends through video calls, but the difference between the services will become apparent once you know all the benefits of Zoom. Read the rest of our article and you will see why Zoom is the more popular online conferencing solution.

The Main List of Features of the Zoom Service

Zoom is a handy tool for organizing online meetings and video conferencing, where you can invite the entire work team. If in Skype no more than 50 people can join the video chat, then this indicator doubles here (the paid version provides much more advantages). The service offers an online version that runs from any web browser, as well as special applications for working on PCs and mobile devices.

To join an online meeting, a participant does not need to spend time registering with Zoom. It is enough to enter your nickname or name and password if it is provided for a specific video conference. The organizer only needs to send the participant a link to the video chat. As for Skype, it’s only possible to contact another user only if you create your account and associate it with a mobile phone number or email.

Additionally, Zoom provides various screen-sharing options. For example, in one mode, all your interlocutors will see the same thing as you, and in the other, they will see only part of the screen (in the other part of the screen, you can make notes, draw graphs, etc.).

You can also create multiple groups within one online conference. For example, one may contain senior managers, another may be rank-and-file employees, and the third may contain investors. Likewise, in the case of training webinars with students. You can easily switch between these groups, while the participants will only hear those who are in their group.

Features of the Free Plan Zoom:

  • The number of participants for a video conference is up to 100;
  • The maximum conference duration is 40 minutes;
  • No limit on the duration of the conference when communicating 1 on 1;
  • No restrictions on the number of video conferences;
  • Support service with a ticket system;
  • Web conferencing options;
  • Video conferencing options;
  • Collaboration options;
  • Video communication security.

Thus, if you have a small business or conduct online training courses, then you can get by with the free version of Zoom. The 40-minute limit won’t be a major problem – just start a new online conference. However, if you need to maintain video communication with a huge team and require additional options, including cloud storage, admin panel, scheduler assignment, and dedicated email, then, of course, you should choose paid plans.

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