Peugeot announces e-Boxer van will start from £49,000

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Peugeot e-Boxer

PEUGEOT has opened reservations for the new e-Boxer van, the brand’s largest full electric Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). 

Available to order now, the PEUGEOT e-Boxer is available with two battery options and comes in three lengths to suit a variety of needs for both business and private users. Prices for the new PEUGEOT e-Boxer start from £49,335 (excluding VAT, after PiVG).

The PEUGEOT e-Boxer comes with a choice of two battery capacities depending on the size of the vehicle. The L2 length comes with a 37kWh unit, while L3 and L4 versions feature a larger, 70kWh battery. Both lithium-ion batteries are connected to a 90kW electric motor producing 350Nm of torque.

The 37kWh battery is capable of up to 73-mile WLTP-approved range, while the 70kWh battery increases the range of the PEUGEOT e-Boxer to 139-miles. All PEUGEOT e-Boxer models come with a 22kW Mode 3 Type 2 Charging Cable that is compatible with both single and three-phase wallboxes. A full 0-100% charge using a 7.4kW single phase wallbox can be achieved in six hours on the 37kWh battery, and 12 hours on the 70kWh battery. The e-Boxer also supports 50kW rapid charging, allowing a 0-80% charge in just one hour.

Drivers have the choice of switching between three driving modes, each selected by pushing one of three buttons marked D (Drive), N (Neutral) and R (Reverse), which replace the conventional gear lever. To maximise vehicle range, the e-Boxer features regenerative braking technology that converts the kinetic energy usually lost during braking into electricity for the battery, providing more electric miles of range.

The PEUGEOT e-Boxer is available exclusively in ‘Professional’ trim, and comes in three different body styles to suit a variety of needs; Panel Van, Window Van, and Chassis Cab. With a choice of three wheelbases, up to 4.04m long, the PEUGEOT e-Boxer comes in three lengths – L2, L3, and L4. 

With its all-electric powertrain, the PEUGEOT e-Boxer is exempt from current congestion charge or Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) payments, providing a further cost incentive to businesses and fleets.

Says Julie David, Managing Director of PEUGEOT UK:

The largest model available on the PEUGEOT fleet, the e-Boxer provides drivers and business operators with a practical model that can meet many needs. With the introduction of the electrified variant, businesses can operate a fleet that allows them to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The e-Boxer is another fantastic addition to our growing electric range, and we look forward to seeing more businesses make the transition to electric vehicles.”

The new PEUGEOT e-Boxer comes standard with the following equipment:

  • A five-inch capacitive colour touchscreen with DAB radio and satellite navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • USB socket and steering wheel-mounted controls
  • Air conditioning
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Heated and Electric Mirrors
  • Interior rear-view mirror with a display that allows information dedicated to the operation of the e-Boxer to be relayed to the driver

Prices for the new PEUGEOT e-Boxer vary depending on the specification of the model:

PEUGEOT e-Boxer Specification Basic MRRP (ex. VAT, after PiVG)
Panel Van L2H2 435 37kWh Auto Professional £49,335
Panel Van L3H2 435 70kWh Auto Professional £55,085
Panel Van L3H2 440 70kWh Auto Professional £58,355
Panel Van L4H2 440 70kWh Auto Professional £59,255
Window Van L4H2 440 70kWh Auto Professional £59,750
Chassis Cab L3 435 70kWh Auto Professional £52,010
Chassis Cab L3 440 70kWh Auto Professional £55,280


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