Electrifying.com announces EV Award Winners

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Celebrating its year anniversary, Electrifying.com has announced what it considers are the best electric cars, innovations and developments, according to its team of expert judges, including Founder and CEO Ginny Buckley – seen above in the boot of the Fiat 500 Electric! Here’s its full list of winners:

Best Small Car – Fiat 500 Electric

Ginny Buckley says: “The Fiat 500 electric brings affordable electric chic to the city car market. It looks great and is good to drive, but most of all we love the choice. There are two battery pack options and hatchback or cabrio body styles. It’s a small car which costs buttons to run but is stylish enough to be a fashion accessory.”

Read the full review and watch the video here

Best Value Car: MG5 EV

Ginny Buckley says: “In a world which seems obsessed by SUVs my love of an estate car is well documented and the MG5 is a brilliant example of one. It’s a great car for family and business drivers who want space, value and a great warranty.”

Tom Ford adds: “Consumers asked the question, MG provided the answer. If you want a reasonably-priced, pure electric small estate car, then the MG5 is the solution.”

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Best Family Car: Skoda Enyaq

Ginny Buckley says: “We’ve had more questions from readers about this car than any other over the past year. Real people are thinking it could be the right car for them, and we don’t think they’ll be disappointed when they can finally try one.”

Tom Ford adds: “Good-looking, spacious, rational, fun. That’s the Skoda Enyaq. With a range of battery and trim options to suit, it’s one of the biggest surprises of the year.”

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Electric Dream: Pininfarina Battista

Ginny Buckley says: “This award isn’t about practicality or efficiency. What we were looking for is a car which will convince the naysayers that an electric car can be more exciting than anything powered by petrol and the gorgeous Pininfarina Battista is the car to do that. It’s a car from the company responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful cars and is destined to adorn many teenagers’ bedroom walls.”

Best Performance Car: Porsche Taycan

Ginny Buckley says: “The Taycan makes me smile every time I get behind the wheel. It’s a full electric sports car, one that feels like a Porsche and is a joy to drive. Even the 4S has plenty of power and acceleration that will startle you. But what really impressed us was the steering and the brakes; it can carve through a set of bends not just fast, but with real feedback for the driver too.”

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Motorsport Award: Alejandro Agag

Ginny Buckley says: “There was a lot of cynicism surrounding Formula E in its early days and it took a visionary like Alejandro Agag to ignore the naysayers and create an entertaining race series that also raises awareness about the global issues of climate change, inner-city pollution and sustainability.”

Nicki Shields says: “Motorsport is going through the biggest change since its inception. Alejandro Agag has been a leading pioneer in this change. An early adopter and true believer in the future of electrification of motorsport. His success of creating Formula E, now in its seventh season and a World Championship with 10 leading manufacturers, is truly remarkable.”

Best Used Car: Nissan Leaf

Ginny Buckley says: “The Leaf has been on sale for a decade now and there are more of them on British roads than any other electric car. That means there is a huge choice of pre-loved cars to choose from, and they have proved to be incredibly reliable too. It’s also been instrumental in establishing the entire market for electric cars in Britain.”

Watch Nicki’s used Leaf buying guide here

Best Premium Car: Jaguar I-Pace

Ginny Buckley says: “Forget the fact that the I-Pace is electric, because it’s simply an excellent car. Jaguar’s first all-electric model looks bold and drives like a Jaguar should. It’s easy to get distracted by the new kids who have arrived to challenge it, but the I-Pace is still our favourite.”See the full review here

Technology Award: Tesla Model 3

Ginny Buckley says: “Tesla is divisive, class-leading – and brilliant. While others still struggle to get their heads around the whole concept of pure electric motivation, Tesla’s relentless adoption of new technology means that it often finds itself adding features that leave others constantly battling to catch up. Its Model 3 distils this tech into a car which is within reach of a middle manager motorist.”

Tomi Adebayo says: “The Tesla Model 3 is more than just an electric car; it’s a host of technology on wheels. Tesla has taken things we love and use every day like watching movies or gaming and added them to the car, so we can take those experiences everywhere with us. Safety and comfort are at the core of the Model 3 too, from the self-driving capabilities to the integration of apps to replace the key. Nothing comes close.”

Read the full review here and watch Tomi’s full tech review here

Efficiency Award – Tesla Model 3

Ginny Buckley says: “When people first buy an electric car they can be a bit dismissive of efficiency as electricity is so much cheaper than petrol. But then you start to take notice of how many miles you get from a kilowatt, if only because it means you don’t have to spend as long charging. The Model 3 always amazes us as it squeezes more miles out of a charge than cars which are far smaller.”

Tom Barnard says: “There are engineers from car companies across the world who have Model 3s in pieces trying to work out how they make them so efficient. In the real world, we have seen the Tesla getting almost twice the number of miles out of every kilowatt compared to rivals. A mix of aerodynamics, software and the latest hardware for heating and propelling the car mean it is the benchmark.”

Watch Ginny’s review here

Innovation Award: Gridserve

Ginny Buckley says: “Ask car buyers what is stopping them buying an electric car, and a huge percentage will mention the lack of charging infrastructure. They’re scared of running out of power and don’t trust the network that exists. I tell them that it’s changing, and point to Gridserve as proof. Its fantastic forecourt gives us a glimpse of what the future of electric car charging really should be.  It’s also home to my favourite supermarket, ‘Booths’, which makes me happy as a Lancashire Lass.”

Overall Electrifying Car of the Year – the Fiat 500 Electric

In a year that has seen more new electric cars go on sale than in the past decade, we think the Fiat 500 is the one which will bring electrified motoring – and joy – to the largest number of people. It’s a car we’d be happy to own and we think thousands of you will take the plunge thanks to the variety of models in the range, including a cute convertible. It’s affordable, well built retro chic and is great fun to drive.

Chris Price
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