TikTok Your Way To Fame With These Six Tips

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How You Can Build A Tiktok Presence

When you think of the best kind of medium, what do you think of? I would say videos are the best medium because they are effortless to consumers. We can easily take in and process information from videos. If you want to market something, a video is almost always the best way to go about it. The only thing is that they are costly and time-consuming for the producer. Well, that was the case until popular social media platforms started gaining traction, and in particular, TikTok.

Now, video creation is as simple as a simple tap of a button and we have a fairly compelling video that draws in millions of views. If you are looking for ways to make it big on TikTok, here’s a simple starter guide. If building likes organically is too slow, you can always buy TikTok likes.

How do I navigate TikTok?

As introduced above, TikTok mainly supports video content. The length of these videos is typically 15 seconds long, but they also allow for videos that are 60 seconds long. So, TikTok has many bite-sized videos that keep users wanting more. You will need to create an account in order to access the features that TikTok provides like filters, special effects, and music. That is it. That is all there is to using TikTok, it really is that simple!

What are some tips to excel on TikTok?

When the bar to entry is so low, it makes you wonder how easy or difficult it is to gain a large following on the platform. Well, it is not difficult to gain followers on TikTok but it does take a fair amount of effort to stand out from the millions of videos being posted daily. But, fret not as here are six tips to increase your chances of bringing in more viewers.

1.  Be the trendsetter by consistently creating original content

While following trends can sometimes help you get viewers, it is not a sustainable strategy as viewers will come to tire off your content. So, it would be great if you could take a sit down and brainstorm for original ideas that can last. Furthermore, aim at posting frequently as infrequent postings will result in losing followers as audiences lose interest. When you do not post frequently, you are at risk of being unfollowed for being inactive. Plus given a platform like TikTok where millions of videos are posted daily, it is exceedingly easy for that to happen.

2.  Stay relevant by keeping up with trends

While it is ideal to always be original, TikTok has certain features that will get you better results if you follow some trends. As we know, TikTok’s popularity is due to its platform being video-focused. These videos are also often accompanied by short snippets of music and music can certainly help your video gain more attention. TikTok also has hashtags that are often challenges which motivate people to reenact their own version of the challenge. These are good trends to keep up with in order to connect with your fans. Looking for TikTok likes? You can learn more here

3.  Two heads are better than one, seek collaborations

Alone you can only go so far. With others, more opportunities open up. In fact, by collaborating with other TikTok content creators, you can ease the load on a single person to always churn out original content. Besides sharing intellectual property, you can tap in on one another’s follower base. In fact, unlike other social media platforms, TikTok has a trend where you can simply react to another person’s existing TikTok to make it look as if the both of you were doing it together. So, this makes collaboration less complicated.

4.  Be humble, sit down and learn from other creators

This is even more essential for those who are just starting out on this platform. For beginners, the best way to learn is to observe other people’s success and extract what was done well so as to replicate that. Those who have reached success, have mostly put in countless efforts to achieve so. It would do good to learn from them. You should search for videos that are right down your alley and the genre that you would like to develop yourself in. Once you have found videos that you like and are popular, time to take a notepad and note down the learning points.

5. Create quality videos with quality equipment

While it is true that TikTok videos can be made effortlessly, those often do not do as well as one would hope. You can just use your phone to take typical videos but there is a limit to the potential that you can achieve. If you really want to make a video that will blow the minds of your followers and make them want to share it again and again, you would need to invest in the equipment. Though, it does not have to be as costly as a production crew’s equipment. All you need is a good camera and audio recorder to get by and you will definitely do better than most TikTok content creators. 

6. Cast your net wider using other social media platforms

While TikTok is the fastest rising social media platform, it does not mean that other platforms are dead to the world. Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and many more are still going strong. By cross-posting on these platforms, you will be able to gather even more followers and you can also diversify the type of fans you have. Different social media platforms are popular with different demographics. Furthermore, you never know if certain types of content will do better on certain platforms. You can take this as an experiment as well to see which type of content would fare better in which environment. When that happens, you can better plan out your social media strategies by targeting the optimal point of each platform. Lastly, this is technically self-promotion for yourself across different platforms.


In conclusion, if you want to do well on TikTok, teamwork makes the dream work, and originality makes all the difference on a platform where thousands of the same content are being generated this very second. With these tips, get started on amassing followers on Tiktok!

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