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They said, “First impression lasts!” What is its implication if you’re applying for a job as a website designer and/or developer? You need to impress the company that is offering the job vacancy. If you’re going to be shortlisted, you will have to take the final round of the hiring process. This is the job interview. Most of the web design interview questions are tough and difficult to answer. Hence, preparing yourself, particularly your mind, is quite necessary. If you’re unprepared, there’s a great tendency that you will not get hired in the end.

According to Ramotion, nailing the interview questions is the most challenging thing. That is why it is vital to know the most important questions which might be thrown at you during the interview. This is the focus of this blog article. You will know here the hardest yet most important questions. The goal is for you to have a guide. During the preparation stage, you have to get yourself 100% ready. Your cognitive aspect should be well-equipped. Answering the questions, even the most difficult ones, can be handled easily when your mind is ready to take them.

Difficult web design interview questions: How to answer them?

Cited below are the difficult questions which you might encounter during the interview. As well, you will be given some tips on how to nail each of the toughest questions.

What is your most successful website project?

Every company wants to look for only the best. This is definitely the reason why you will be asked this question. The job interviewers will know this aspect. Of course, you should provide them with some facts and information. But take note, avoid overhyping your answer. Just provide a factual explanation. Cite the website/s which for you have been successful. Catering to the needs of the client is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. They will hire you if you will become an asset for them. So, let them know about the most successful project you had in the past. Why is the website successful? Provide statistical data if possible.

How long did you stay with the most recent company?

Asking this question is to determine whether or not you have a problem with your attitude. The most obvious factor why a worker may leave, aside from the lack of professional know-how, is the attitude towards work. It should be positive in one way or another. The absence of a positive outlook and attitude can trigger work-related problems. The point is you can’t last in your work if you’re not optimistic. This is especially the case if you’re a new worker – there are certain issues you will be facing related to work adjustment and the like. Thus, it is a must to let them know that you have such a positive attitude. By the way, there is an assurance that you can work for a long period of time.

Can you work even when you’re under stress and pressure?

This is another vital question you need to familiarize yourself with. Working under stress and pressure is the most common thing you will be facing the moment you’ll get hired. The investment of the company is precious and they want nothing but a continuous flow of sales, revenues, and income. It is because of this you will be tested with highly stressful matters. The job interviewers want to test and gauge your determination and passion. Therefore, it is necessary to show off your most resilient characteristics. By hiring you, they can have the best asset when it comes to website design and development.

Can you work under less supervision?

A great worker can work under less supervision. Initiating on things that are related to your craft and know-how should be your attribute. If the company find out that you’re effective as a worker even if they are not giving you a lot of instructions, then their investment will become more fruitful monetarily. This is the thing that they want to find out. In your curriculum vitae, you’re citing work experiences. You have to show that you can get the job done by applying what you’ve learned from theories and actual practice. Take note, even with minimal supervision.


To land the job of a website designer is puzzling and daunting. It needs you to be highly competitive as a job applicant. The first rule of thumb is to come up with a relevant and impressive curriculum vitae. Include everything which will make your CV so breathtaking. But remember this! Just be honest and truthful. Don’t include things which you can never handle.

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