Tech Digest daily round up: Burberry designs clothes for Honor of Kings


Luxury fashion brand Burberry has designed outfits for one of China’s biggest video games. Players can buy the clothes – known as skins – to adorn in-game characters. Tencent-owned developer TiMi Studios collaborated with the designer for its multiplayer online battle game Honor of Kings. The new skins – which feature Burberry’s signature trench coat and tartan – will be available in mainland China only. “By allowing our Chinese customers to explore virtual products through the medium of online games, we can connect with our communities in a way that really resonates with them,” Josie Zhang, president of Burberry in China, said. BBC

A fall in businesses identifying cybersecurity breaches could indicate criminals are carrying out hidden attacks, a Government report has warned. The average cost to companies that have been hit in the last 12 months is estimated to be £8,460, according to the annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey. Nearly four in 10 firms (39%) reported incidents for the 2021 study, down from 46% the previous year, while the figure for charities remained unchanged at 26%. Despite the seemingly positive outcome, organisations are finding it harder to monitor employees as they work from home during the pandemic, meaning companies may be less aware of the breaches and attacks their staff are facing. Yahoo! News 

Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk confirmed on Wednesday that the company’s electric cars could now be bought using Bitcoin, boosting the cryptocurrency after a recent slump. On Twitter, Musk said Tesla electric cars in the US were now available to purchase with Bitcoin and added that customers in other countries would have the same option later this year.  “Bitcoin paid to Tesla will be retained as Bitcoin, not converted to fiat currency,” he said. Musk has long been known as a Bitcoin enthusiast, using his social media accounts to promote cryptocurrencies. Last month, Tesla announced it had invested $1.5bn in the coin. Telegraph 

A survey of hundreds of top business executives by consultancy giant Deloitte suggests the Covid-19 crisis could slow sustainability initiatives at companies around the world, despite climate change remaining a major concern within the overwhelming majority of organisations. A poll of 750 business leaders published this morning by the management consultancy firm has revealed that 65 per cent of executives said their company would need to “cut back” on environmental sustainability initiatives in some way as they strive to handle the fall out from the pandemic. Business Green. 

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp on Wednesday reported a 36.7% rise in fourth-quarter net profit, as its major Android rival Huawei steadily retreats from the global market due to U.S.-led sanctions. Adjusted net profit for the quarter ending Dec. 31 rose to 3.2 billion yuan ($490.84 million), beating analysts’ expectations of 2.9 billion yuan. Sales jumped 24.8% year-on-year to 70.5 billion yuan. Smartphone sales, which make up the bulk of the company’s revenue, hit 42.6 billion yuan, a 38.4% increase. In the October-December quarter, Xiaomi’s shipments in China surged 52% from a year earlier, and the company cornered 15% of the market share. Reuters

A third of people who use video-sharing platforms (VSPs) have seen hateful content in the last three months, Ofcom has found. The communications regulator found 32% of VSP users had witnessed or experienced hateful content, of which most (59%) was directed at a racial group. Hateful content was also seen in relation to religious groups, transgender people and those of a particular sexual orientation. A quarter of users (26%) claim to have been exposed to bullying, abusive behaviour and threats, and the same proportion have come across violent or disturbing content. One in five users (21%) said they have witnessed or experienced racist content, with exposure higher among those from minority ethnic backgrounds (40%), compared with users from a white background (19%). Yahoo News!

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