Study shows only 1 in 3 directors in top companies are women

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A new study that analysed the board of directors in technology, entertainment and e-commerce companies has revealed only 1 in 3 board members (34%) worldwide are women, with Zoom the worst for gender diversity. 

Small Business Prices analysed the board of directors for 15 major companies across the technology, entertainment and e-commerce sectors.

What it found was that online retail giant Amazon tops the list as the best company for gender-diversity in the whole study with 45% of their 11 board members being women, supporting the research that shows higher gender diversity means higher profit. 

Asos also scored well, ranking 5th best out of all 15 companies, with 40% of their board members being women, while Nike came out as the least gender-diverse company in this industry at 31%. 

  • Amazon has the highest percentage of women on its board of directors at 45%
  • Overall, 2 in 3 representatives on the board of directors across all 15 companies are men, with 56 out of 163 being women
  • The e-commerce industry tops the list for most gender diversity in the boardroom, with 39% of 58 directors being women

Says Ian Wright, founder of Small Business Prices:

“While there has been an increase in the number of female CEOs running big companies, this study shows that there still is a long way to go to close the gender gap in the boardrooms. 

“With women dominating the purchase decisions in the household, it’s surprising that they’re not a greater part of the decision-making in these major companies. Our research shows that more than a quarter of the companies featured have 30% or fewer women represented on their board of directors, and we hope that this study can spark a discussion on the continued need to close this gap.”

To learn more about gender diversity in boardrooms, see the full piece here

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