Latest Fax Advancements in 2021


Most people have heard of a fax machine. However, they are not as prevalent or popular as they once were. While this is true, there are still many businesses, organizations, and individuals who rely on these machines for communication every day.

Through the years, innovative fax companies like mFax have continually worked to improve the available fax technology. This has resulted in machines that are easier and more straightforward to use than ever before. However, understanding the changes that have been made, starts with knowing about the earliest days of fax machine technology.

The First Fax Machines

The very first fax machines were considered quite primitive. They did not have most of the capabilities that are available today. While this is true, when the first fax machine was created in 1843, the technology was quite impressive for the time.

Alexander Bain, a Scottish inventor is credited with the start of the modern-day fax. He used elements from an electric clock he invented to create the face machine. The fax machine was patented on May 27, 1843. However, as most people have seen first-hand, this was just the beginning of the fax machine.

The Growing Popularity of Fax Machines

Between the 1930s and 1960s, fax machines became extremely popular and widely used. It was during this time that the ability to send messages wirelessly was introduced, along with being able to send faxes over radio signals, and the ability to scan and send three-dimensional data. It was also during this time that larger companies, such as Western Union and even the U.S. army began to use this technology.

The Introduction of Computer-Based Faxing

Between the years 1973 and 1983, the number of fax machines in use in the U.S. grew from just 30K to over 300K. In 1985, Hank Magnuski, who was the founder of the company GammaLink, introduced the very first computer-based fax machines. This helped to increase the number of people using fax machines to over four million by the year 1989.

Innovative Technology That Continues to Grow Today

There are some people who believe that the reign of the fax machine is over. However, it is still a widely used tool for communication. It provides an array of benefits and makes it simple to send documents and other communication when needed.

Today, though, people have eliminated the large, boxy fax machine and opted for internet fax services, instead. With these apps, faxing has been streamlined and simplified. Also, it allows those who have never used or had access to a traditional fax machine to take advantage of this communication method. All this is possible without the need for a private machine or going to the store to get access to one.

The Future of the Fax Machine

As proven by the information above, the history of faxing and the fax machine is interesting. Many people wonder what is next. Will faxing continue to evolve, or slowly fade away. The belief is that this technology is going to continue to grow and thrive as new and innovative ways of using fax machines, like over the internet, are introduced. For those who have never sent or received fax, why not try it? They may find they have a new favorite way to communicate with others. Being informed about history gives clues about what to expect in the future.

Tech Digest Correspondent