Google Play hits 108.5B downloads and $38.6B in revenue in 2020

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2020 saw impressive growth of the global app market as millions of people spent more time indoors and online amid the coronavirus lockdown. As one of the two largest distribution channels for mobile apps, Google Play has witnessed new records in both revenue and number of downloads.

According to data presented by, Android users downloaded 108.5 billion apps, 28% more than in 2019, while Google Play revenue surging by 30% year-over-year to hit $38.6bn in 2020.

Google Play doubles revenue in 3 years

Even before the pandemic, the number of Android app downloads was continually increasing. In 2016, Android users downloaded 55 billion apps, revealed Tech Crunch and App Annie data. In the next three years, this figure jumped by 37% to 75.7 billion and continued rising. Statistics show the number of downloads hit 84.8 billion in 2019, a 55% increase in three years.

However, 2020 set a new record, as mobile app usage surged amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Android users downloaded 108.5 billion apps last year, 23.7 billion more than before the pandemic, and almost half of the total app downloads last year.

The Tech crunch data show Google Play revenues also significantly increased in the last few years, rising from $15bn in 2016 to $29.3bn in 2019. This figure jumped by another 30% or $9.3bn amid the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics show the revenues of the digital content platform practically doubled in the last three years.

Apple App Store Revenues surge to $72 billion in 2020

More than Three Million Available Apps

Today, Google’s official app store offers a wide range of apps and digital media, including music, magazines, books, film and TV. Statistics show the number of available apps in the Google Play Store hit over three million in February: 100,000 more than a year ago.

The 42matters data revealed that 96.7% of available Android apps as of January were free to use or utilize a freemium payment model, which allows the user to download the app without upfront costs but generates revenues through in-app payments. Only 3.3% of available Google Play apps last month were paid apps.

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