Glasgow drivers face biggest fuel price variation, myAutomate app shows


MyAutomate, a new app that compares the cost of fuel prices and more, has revealed that Glasgow drivers face the biggest fluctuations with selected forecourts charging 132.9p/litre for diesel at the top and 119.9p/litre at the bottom end of the scale.

Unleaded fuel prices showed the same fluctuations with the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest being 13.1p/litre (130p/litre and 116.9p/litre).

Second to Glasgow is Exeter, which sees a city-wide variation of 11p/litre for diesel and 7p/litre for petrol, while drivers in Norwich could be paying 9p/litre more for diesel and 7p/litre more for petrol by choosing the most expensive forecourts.

Birmingham, meanwhile, sees a notable discrepancy for diesel (6p/litre) and unleaded (5p/litre) with Cardiff rounding out the Top 5 with a 6p/litre and 4p/litre difference respectively.

Says Andrew Watson, Co-founder and Managing Director, myAutomate:

“The fuel price variations within cities can be stark, but myAutomate aims to simplify the journey for anyone driving a car, van or truck. By providing real-time fuel price updates through the myAutomate app, we are enabling drivers to make the smart choices on where to fill up. As we can see in the case of Glasgow alone, it can mean a difference of up to £7.20 per fill, or over £370 a year on fuel when filling up an average 55-litre fuel tank.”

While there is a difference in price, customers can also benefit from the savings and rewards offered by the various loyalty schemes available from the major fuel retailers. The myAutomate app users understand that price alone isn’t everything, and can use the app to see how far they have to travel to the forecourt and what facilities are on offer at each site to suit their needs.

In addition to providing the latest fuel prices, myAutomate also caters for the growing number of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid drivers, listing more than 12,000 available charging sites with over 31,000 connectors for owners to locate within the app.

Pinpointing car washes as well as parking options is also possible in one touch using this free-to-download app. The app lists locations with automatic rollover or conveyor wash, jet washing or regulated hand wash facilities, as well as car parks with more than 25 spaces. Accurate and live information means that all prices and locations are constantly being updated with new information to make the motorist’s choice a simple one.

The app also allows you to input a vehicle registration to automatically create reminders on tax and MOT expiry dates. Furthermore, users can add their details on their last service date and insurance expiry dates.

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