EVA England launches drivers survey on charge points

Electric Vehicles

EVA England, a consumer association offering a voice for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in England, wants to hear the views of EV drivers about their experiences of using public charge points.

If you’re an EV driver, you can let EVA England know what you think about public charging and other EV-related issues by completing the survey.

The UK Government has issued several proposals to ensure EV drivers feel more confident in using the public charging network. The proposals aim to ensure reliable charge points are easy to find and payments for charging are streamlined. They are also seeking views on other important charging-related issues, such as weatherproofing, signage, lighting and accessibility. To view the full consultation, visit the Government’s website.

EVA England welcomes the Government’s call for responses and sees it as a continued commitment to achieving the best possible EV charging infrastructure in advance of the 2030 phase-out date for new petrol and diesel cars and vans. EVA England wants to ensure that the voice of current EV drivers is heard and is encouraging drivers to respond to its survey. The association sees this consultation as critical to improving user confidence in the public charging network.

Responses will be anonymised, analysed and used to feed into EVA England’s response to the Government’s consultation. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes.

Says Gill Nowell, Director of EVA England:

“A mass market for electric cars and vans is just around the corner and if we don’t address a host of basic issues for drivers now, we won’t get consumer buy-in for this historic transition. We strongly support this consultation and are running this survey to provide evidence for the Government on where it needs to intervene and how.

“We encourage all current EV drivers to take our survey, including those with Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids. This is an important opportunity for EV drivers to have their voice heard on topics close to their heart, namely ‘can I find a charger, can I easily pay, and does it work’?”

EVA England’s online survey, launched today, will run for three weeks until 15 March 2021. You can take the survey here. 

Chris Price
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