The Best Game Streaming Apps for Android

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If you are looking for the best app for Android devices to stream your gameplay, there are lots of excellent options available. But with so much choice, it can make the task of picking the right one for your requirements somewhat challenging. To help you get started, here is our selection of the best game streaming apps for Android.


With the SGETHER Studio app, you can broadcast your Android phone screen as it is. A broad range of games can be streamed, including RPGs and strategy simulations. Get started by creating your own channel on SGETHER Studio to live-stream your gaming videos of choice.


If you want an app that allows you to broadcast dozens of games live, StreamCraft is one of your best options. It is also one of the best Android streaming apps to earn rewards. You can stream or watch games like PUBG, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Lords Mobile, Hearthstone, and many more. With its industry-leading structure, streamers have the opportunity to build followers quickly and actually make a living from streaming games. You can also give back to the community via interactive giveaways and enter contests and events to earn cash rewards. It is easy to stream games directly from your Android device with the StreamCraft app.

Omlet Arcade

With the Omlet Arcade app, you can stream games directly to the Omlet platform as well as to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. All mobile games are supported. So, whether you want to stream your gameplay of popular video games like Minecraft and Brawl Stars or stream gameplay of online live casino games like poker and blackjack, where you play in real-time with a dealer located in a studio, Omlet Arcade is ideal. New premium features of the app include special animated profile frames, high-resolution multi-streaming, and exclusive HUDs for premium subscribers.


With Ustream, you can broadcast live games on your Android device anytime and anywhere using your device’s camera. You can also manage and re-share recorded videos, interact with your audience via the chat function, and discover upcoming events. Also, with the Ustream premium service, you can enjoy an ad-free experience on your device. It takes no time to begin streaming with Ustream. Simply use the new Quick Broadcast widget to instantly go live from your Home Screen.

Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming

The global platform of Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming allows you to showcase your gaming talents to like-minded people all around the world. As you stream your favourite games, your audience can watch, comment, and critique your gaming style. With a devoted community, the app enables peer-to-peer recognition and rewards, giving you the opportunity to quickly establish a following. Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming also allows you to gain access to exclusive e-sports tournaments and events, with unprecedented access to the top streamers in your region.


The Streamlabs app is simple to use. You can stream live with just a few taps. The platform is fast becoming one of the largest and best video-streaming sites around, and it allows you to add filters and video effects to your streams to make the experience more exciting and attract more followers. If you sign up for the premium subscription, you can unlock special features like being able to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. You can also link to any of your existing platforms easily with Streamlabs. Other cool features include being able to switch between front and rear cameras and add widgets like Chat Box, Alert Box, and Donation Goal. You can even get your very own private server on the Streamlabs Cloud to ensure your broadcasts never get disconnected.




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