Andrson AI-powered #ReWrapped helps to find new music


From Andrson comes a clever AI-powered service which allows you to discover new artists
influenced by your musical taste from last year.

Called #ReWrapped, it works by linking directly with your Spotify account and identifying the most popular music listened to throughout 2020, via the Spotify Wrapped feature. Once recognised, Andrson’s innovative A.I. audio analysis engine then examines key elements of each audio track and compares them against the community of Andrson artists, with suggestions then made based on the similarities. Not arranged by popularity or passive metrics, new artist suggestions are based on sounding objectively similar.

It’s hoped the new tool will help both music industry professionals as well as fans to discover new music based on what they listened to the most throughout all of last year. For A&Rs and music fans, #ReWrapped showcases music discovery in a new way, claims Andrson. It can effortlessly recommend unsigned artists to collaborate with or can simply be used by fans to enjoy new music.

Says  Neil Dunne, Co-Founder of Andrson:

“At Andrson we are always looking to develop our product further and continue innovating. With #ReWrapped we wanted to provide a fresh way to discover music, based on what you were listening to most last year. There is some fantastic undiscovered talent out there and our new tool might just uncover a star in the waiting.”

Providing unbiased search results, Andrson works by using machine learning to listen, analyse and assess the music being uploaded by new artists up against the ever-expanding collection of commercial artist recordings. It then offers the end user percentage-based artist recommendations based on these findings.

Andrson’s #ReWrapped feature is now available for all Andrson users. For more information, head to

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