The Future of Driving: 7 First-of-Their-Kind Car Technologies on the Horizon

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In just over 100 years, the modern car has evolved from a metal skeleton on wheels to a luxurious cabin catering to every need imaginable. From the revolutionary keyed ignition added in 1949 to heated seats invented by the 60s, cars develop in tandem with ever-expanding technology.

In 2020 alone automotive technology gained several innovative additions. Teen driver technology can be installed in any car, allowing parents to set speed warnings, radio volume limits, and seat belt reminders. Keyless entry became even more effortless with systems that recognize the key in your pocket or purse and unlock the door once you touch the handle. Smartphone integration systems have further merged our cars with our beloved handheld devices, with high-tech features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In-car technology brings us one step closer to the future ahead, but it also has the potential to save lives. Blind-spot monitoring and automatic braking protect both you and unsuspecting pedestrians. Back seat reminder systems alert the driver to check the vehicle before you exit, preventing children and pets from life-threatening conditions when accidentally left behind.  Minute details such as protecting your car floor with Simply car Mats can make a world of a difference when it comes to driving safety too. And drink driving prevention technology making its way into your driver’s seat can save thousands from becoming victims of drinking-related automobile accidents.

Not surprisingly, rapidly progressing vehicle technology is hard to keep up with at times. Despite the disorienting whir of state-of-the-art innovations, you’ll want to put these unprecedented technologies on your radar, as smart headlights and 360 back-up cameras change the way we drive forever.

Top-rated high-tech vehicles of today

Before delving into the future of the automotive industry, the advancements of today deserve recognition. In 2020, hybrid cars dominated the market, and models from Toyota and Kia are chock-full of infotainment technology and high-tech safety systems.

Electric vehicles are quickly rising to the top of the crop. For example, the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 are supercharged EVs with plenty of intricate features. For those finally ready to upgrade their outdated vehicles and step into the 21st century, these cars will transport you from point A to point B in style.

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Brain-assisted technology

Nissan is pioneering brain-wave technology that may prevent life-threatening and potentially-fatal crashes and injuries. The driver sports an electrode headset to harness its power, which detects when drivers swerve around obstacles. Additionally, this brain-assisted technology enables the vehicle to brake before a collision and informs the car of those movements. The technology may speed up these actions by half a second and prevent life-threatening accidents.

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AR dashboards

While AR technology has made its history-making debut in select luxury cars, experts predict these high-tech dashboards will make their way to your everyday minivan in the next decade or so. With the help of augmented reality, holograms appear on the windshield displaying speed, maps, lane shapes, and more.

Inter-vehicle communication

Known as V2V, this system will undoubtedly make roads a safer place. Using signals installed in your car, every vehicle on the road will be able to pass information to each other. Everything from traffic conditions up ahead to impending dangers will be detected by your car before you reach them.

Smart headlights

Every year, accidents occur when another car’s high-beam headlights blind drivers. Futuristic and intuitive headlights will detect oncoming traffic and automatically dim the intense headlights. Some companies are also developing shading technology that will focus light on the road ahead while shielding oncoming traffic from any vision-obstructing beams.

Healthcare capabilities

Cutting edge technologies spearheaded by Ford allow your car to monitor your health from the driver’s seat. Through an electrocardiography device, drivers can monitor their heart function and be alerted of anomalous activity. This feature is beneficial for those with diabetes or heart disease.

Front-facing camera

Rear-view cameras are old news when it comes to automotive technology. Soon front-view cameras will become your favorite high-tech feature. These cameras will create a 180-degree view of your surroundings, enabling your vehicle to brake for pedestrians and warn you of changing speed limits. Front-facing cameras will also employ night vision, granting drivers an improved sense of security and confidence during late-night cruises.

Bottom line

Ground-breaking technologies have pushed the automotive industry’s limits and given drivers a glimpse into a safer future. As companies like Ford, Tesla, and Nissan perfect high-tech prototypes, the modern car is reinvented once again.

Chris Price