Is It Possible to Operate a Casino Without a License?


It’s rare to hear about businesses operating without a license, especially in countries with strict regulations. For the casino industry, it may be difficult to know whether it’s possible to do so.

We were lucky to interview a seasoned casino writer and gambler, Daniel Bennet (check his profile), who gave us some insights on this topic.

He believes that consideration of certain factors is crucial to know whether it is possible to run a casino without a license in Canada. Therefore, keep reading this article to find out the response from the interesting facts unveiled here.

What’s a gambling license?

As mentioned, any business requires a license to operate because it authorizes it to carry out its key operations. Similarly, a gambling company in Canada requires authorization to prove that it’s doing a legitimate business and its functions are legitimate. That’s the license for gambling.

Importance of a gambling license to a casino company

Below are some of the ways a gambling license can help a casino company.

Helps the casino company to build trust with the players

Like any investment, no investor will put their money into the business if they don’t know about the legality and the venture’s authenticity. They can only know that through the relevant documentation.

That’s the case with the Canadian online casino business. Players can only invest their money after checking on the licensing status of the company.

Allows integration of other useful systems in the casino site

With the advancements in technology and continuous changes in the industry, the gambling companies should integrate them to give the players from Canada a fantastic experience when they access such sites.

However, for unlicensed companies, it becomes difficult for them to acquire some of the useful features. Licensing helps prove that they are part of the gambling industry and worth the new developments/features.

Makes it easy for the gambling company to sue its perpetrators

Have you ever heard that a particular illegitimate business has sued another in the court of law? They can’t because they know they may be liable in the hearing process.

However, in the case of a legitimate business, it’s easy to sue another in case of violation of its rights. For the casino business, if you have a license to operate, you can have the confidence to sue the other. That’s why a gambling license is vital.

Greater Freedom

Finally, if you have a Canadian gambling app license, you will have the right to access reliable payment methods that you can offer to your users. Additionally, you can buy reliable software from the dealers and make your website operate efficiently. That’s the significant impact of having the license.

So, what are the disadvantages of operating without a license?

If you don’t have a gambling license, you may not have access to most of the things that licensed sites are accessing. According to the benefits mentioned above, one of the things you will not do is that you will not be even in a position to sue your perpetrators.

After realizing how useful a casino license can be, you may also want to acquire one for your business. That’s why it’s ideal for you to go through the subsequent section to enable you to know the requirements.

Requirements to acquire a gambling license

Issuing of gambling licenses is the responsibility of the gambling control board. It is key for the board to do that because it enables it to set the standard requirements. Some of those requirements are;

  • You must present all the legitimate information of the people working within your gambling company. That way, they will assess them based on their past integrity and criminal records.
  • Provision of the business’s financial documents will help prove that it can run its operations comfortably without going bankrupt. Most companies always stall their operations after obtaining the license because of their low financial capability.

Above are some of the requirements that you should bear in mind when you are seeking a gambling license.

Finally, you can figure out why a casino license is relevant for your casino business. Therefore, It’s conclusive that a casino without license in Canada is quite impossible.












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