How 3D Printers Can Be Beneficial To Homes and Offices

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As little as 20 years ago the idea of being able to 3D print something sounded like an idea which wouldn’t come to fruition for decades. In spite of this, however, here we are in a position whereby we can use software to design something as technical as a house, and then a printer can be loaded up with materials and create a physical version of our design.

The technology truly is mind-blowing and what is most exciting about this is that 3D printer technology is completely accessible, meaning that anyone with an interest or any business can get their hands on it. Now you may be equally impressed with this technology yet curious as to what benefits anyone could get from it, which is what we are going to take a look at today.


Most standard office printers may be able to produce an immaculate and high quality coloured mockup of a product design or part of a product design, but when we compare that to what a 3D printer can do, well there is no comparison at all. Offices now have the ability to create their prototype on a screen and then in a matter of minutes see the mocked up version in 3D, ready to pick up, touch and see from all sides. This can be applied to businesses in the fashion world, the car industry, the medical field and many more.

The Humble Paper Clip

Simply because a 3D printer has the capability to build a home, it doesn’t have to be used for big jobs alone. Take the home environment as an example, what could possibly be the need to have a 3D printer in such a space? The perfect example here is office supplies and paper clips, something we all need, yet something which you will no longer have to go to the store to buy. Using a 3D printer at home you can get staples or paper clips in a heartbeat using this tech. The same goes for DIYers in the property, who can depend on nails and tacks which they can use on the job. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the minor needs of a home.

Speed and Productivity

What we can see from these examples is that through the use of 3D printing both people at home and in offices are able to greatly increase the speed and therefore their productivity. In the workplace this means happier clients and employers, at home it ensures peace of mind and less stress. The benefit of this technology is ultimately to make life easier on the whole.

Cost Saving

In the last 2 years we have seen the cost of 3D printers and the materials fall greatly which makes it more accessible than ever for small businesses and homes to bring such a piece of equipment in. Owing to what they are able to create, the outlay will soon be repaid and then some, thanks to the way in which this technology is able to extend cost savings to the user. Many are put off by the setup costs, yet they fail to recognize the volume of savings they are going to make, one paperclip at a time.

This is just the beginning for this amazing technology.

Tech Digest Correspondent