CES 2021: Is the MyQ Pet Door the ultimate cat/dog flap?

MyQ Pet Door

Annual technology show CES is famous for its often wacky pet gadgets and this year’s event is no exception – even though it’s being held virtually, rather than in the exhibition halls of Las Vegas. 

Perhaps one of the most bizarre gadgets so far is the $3,000 (£2,220) pet flap that connects to your smartphone. Called the MyQ Pet Door it’s aimed at pet owners with deep pockets who want to automate their pets’ daily routines.

The digitised pet flap turns your boring analogue hole-in-the-door into a fully automated and responsive pet entry system. You replace your door with a specially designed pet door that slides open and shut.

Cameras and a smart collar for your pet let you check when it wants to go in or out, and you can unlock and lock the door after it. The downside is that the door, which starts at $3000, needs to be professionally installed. 

The MyQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors with multiple material and colour options. In the bottom half of the standard door you’ll find the pet door – a panel that uses a smart, elevator-style mechanism to open and close.

The pet door element is designed to fit animals up to 90lbs (40Kg), and includes safety sensors so your pets won’t get stuck. The custom Bluetooth sensor is worn on your pet’s collar, and opens the door only for them and only at very close range.

An auto-close and lock system triggers after your pet goes through the door, so no other animals (or ill-intentioned humans) can piggyback on the access. 

The MyQ Pet Portal is now available for pre-order on MyQ’s Pet Portal website and starts at $2,999 (approx £2,200). 

Chris Price
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