TV Shows and Live Casino Games – A Match Made in Heaven

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Have you ever wanted to be on a TV game show? Remember that frustrating feeling of the contestants not getting it right while you had better ideas? These days, you can finally get the chance to shine – no TV stations or selection process needed!

All you need to do is find the right live casino games online. Internet gambling has evolved far beyond the usual offers of blackjack and roulette. From clones of The Price is Right to Wheel of Fortune, you can have all sorts of fun if you know where to look.

Why Live Casinos Work With Game Shows

You may already have doubts that these two are anywhere close. At this point, you may as well just rely on a small computer game to play game shows online, right?

First of all, we need to understand what makes the average game show fan tick. It’s not just the games that are important. The charismatic presenters, the roaring crowds, the tense presentation – game shows have always been a bit of a spectacle. It’s important to understand that the main draw here isn’t the spinning wheel or guessing the best reward box. It’s about the experience.

This is what live casino games try to replicate. Just like online blackjack has a live-streamed dealer to give you the feeling of a real-life casino, so do casino game shows. Since there is often very little in the way of actual dealing, though, their job is to keep you entertained. Combined with the high-quality studios, flashy visuals, and live-chat audiences, it’s all as close to a TV set as possible.

There’s another important aspect to all of this, though – the prizes. Although fun should always be your number one reason for signing up for a live online casino, we can’t ignore cash. Let’s be honest here – if you went on the real Wheel of Fortune, you would hope for the wheel to land on the Jackpot. Besides, the tension of playing for actual cash prizes adds a whole new level of suspense and excitement. It’s safe to assume that without prizes, none of these games would be the same.

Which is why casinos online are the perfect solution. The downside, of course, is that you have to put up a stake and risk some cash. Live betting is serious business, which is why it’s on a casino and not just any other website.

The Best TV Show Live Casino Games

With all that in mind, we also need to remember that such speciality casino games are a rather recent innovation. Most casino-goers are there for the classics, which means TV games are still the side-show at most betting sites. Also, not just any game show can easily adapt to the betting site format.

This means that the games we’ve been talking about are relatively few in number. They are also rather expensive to make, especially when it comes to the return on investment. The upside is that this means only the best casino software providers have the means to produce them. As a general rule, most of them are of high quality and production value.

We’ve assembled this list of some of the more famous examples. This should at least give you an idea of what to expect.

Dream Catcher

This game is likely the most successful title to come out of the casino game show genre. You can find it in most top online casinos, and it tries to emulate Merv Griffin’s famed Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of fortune and its spin-offs have been going strong for more than 45 years. There’s one major difference between the original and Evolution’s take, though. The TV show blends wheel-spinning with the age-old game of Hangman. Since this would be hard to achieve with a huge online audience, the casino version took another route. The Wheel instead combines with a Keno-like number-guessing game.

Deal or No Deal Live

Opening boxes sure doesn’t sound exciting, but this snappy game show took the British Isles by storm and is a popular staple on online streaming sites.  Evolution wasn’t the first to try and replicate it in a live casino setting, but they sure were the best. The best part about all this is that the original concept lends itself to casino gaming quite well.

Hosted by a lively pair of presenters, Evolution’s Deal or No Deal has the player opening cases to win massive cash prizes. It’s an altogether simple, but incredibly exciting experience.

Live Trivia Show

Lastly, we’ll also mention some less luck-based examples. Live Trivia by Playtech has players answering a series of We can’t really point at a single game show as the main inspiration for this game, but you get the gist. Just pay the entry fee and answer a series of trivia questions read by the presenter. Get 10 in a row right, and you’ll get a cut of the prize pool!

Importantly, this game was largely made for online football betting fans. As such, the majority of the questions relate to soccer in one way or another.

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