OVO Energy links smart thermostat to smart meter

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OVO Energy is offering beta testers a tado° Smart Thermostat that is linked to their smart meter and able to extrapolate data to provide bespoke advice on how to save money on their energy bills.

By reducing the amount of energy used, consumers will also reduce their carbon footprint. The initial beta test will be rolled out and available to all OVO Energy members in the UK in autumn 2021.

Once a tado° Smart Thermostat has been installed by an OVO Energy smart meter engineer, members will be able to sync their tado° account with their OVO Energy account. This enables the energy usage to be matched against the choice of temperature controls. The second phase of the beta trial will involve self-installation of the smart thermostat. 

Once installed, a new ‘Smart Thermostat’ option in the My OVO app will appear and provide the member with personalised advice using the data from both devices. For example, based on a member’s energy usage in the home, it will be able to tell them the exact amount of money they could save if they turned down their heating at specific times of the day.

Additional features include:

  • Scheduling: Schedule, and control of heating and hot water from anywhere easily, via the My OVO and tado° app.
  • Location-based control: Geofencing reminds members to turn down the heating when the last person leaves home, and to turn it up in time for the first person’s arrival.
  • Weather forecasts: tado° Smart Thermostat local weather forecasts to advise on turning heating on or off.
  • Platform compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant are integrated into the tado° Smart Thermostat.

This winter, boiler usage is likely to rise by 56% due to more people working from home. By being able to see the cost implications of setting various temperatures, OVO Energy members will, for the first time ever, see the value of temperature controls. And because using less energy means less carbon, members will also reduce their carbon footprint.

Says Jessica Tan, Managing Director of Smart Home, OVO Energy:

“For too long customers have been in the dark on how much they spend heating their homes. By partnering with tado° Smart Thermostat, we’re going to change that, giving our members ultimate control over their heating and bespoke advice on how to lower the cost of their energy usage and cut carbon.”

Adds Toon Bouten, CEO of tado°:

“Making homes more energy efficient is a key part of lowering carbon emissions and we’re thrilled to partner with OVO Energy. The partnership brings together two companies at the forefront of the digital energy transition and as a cross-manufacturer platform, tado° connects with any kind of heating system to serve all kinds of homes.

“Together with OVO Energy, we are demonstrating how customer-friendly technology can have a positive impact on the environment as well as home finances and comfort.”







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