How the new iPad Air 4 benefits some of the tech savvy amongst us

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In our modern society, it’s not hard to find someone who is tech-savvy, with around 4.66 billion people using the internet. With access to a plethora of gadgets, from mobile phones to tablets, and laptops to computers, it’s no wonder tech has revolutionised the daily skills of the modern citizen.

However, there’s a stark contrast between those that use to their gadgets for chatting to friends on social media and online shopping, to those that use it for their hobby or job. Take avid gamers or graphic designers as an example, they possess skills in tech that others could only dream of. Here we’re going to take a look at the new iPad Air 4 and how the tech-elite amongst us benefit from its unique qualities.


Avid gamers often rely on multiple screens with high quality LED display that have the highest colour gamut. In layman’s terms, this simply means that the screen’s graphics are more realistic. However, gamers are often restricted by mobility. For the best of the best, they rely on not just great display, but the best games console and accessories. There’s certainly no room on the train to plug all of this equipment in!

That’s why something like the new iPad Air 4 can be a great solution when wanting to travel and still play. Although you won’t get the same selection of games on an iPad, you can download a host of apps or use your online browser to access some of your favourites. Lucky for those that want to play casino online in UK, with an iPad, you won’t only benefit from gaining access to bonuses on your favourite slot machines on the go, but from a crisp display that captures the colours of the game, all done through the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. For those that want to throw it back to more retro options, you can even download Rayman or The Sims on your iPad, which is sure to beat the display you had on your box TV from the ’90s.


Freelance designers across the globe are on the rise, and it often means being flexible in terms of movement and location. Like gamers, graphic designers often rely on high-quality screens to ensure their designs are the best quality. Not only does the iPad Air 4 compare to some of the best laptop and computer screens on the market, but it actually has features that make it stand out from its non-transportable counterparts.

First and foremost – the Apple pencil. This has transformed the graphic design industry as it has brought freehand art back into play. By using the pencil, designers are able to create more fluid designs that they can then edit on their laptop or computer screen. Equally, top design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, can now be downloaded on the iPad which means that all of a designer’s work can be accessed across multiple devices. This not only makes the iPad Air 4 versatile, but an advancement in the world of graphic design.

While, of course, anyone can make their way to Apple and purchase the new iPad air 4, there’s definitely a host of benefits for those that will use it for a specific purpose, as discussed above, opposed to those that would use it for recreational purposes.

Tech Digest Correspondent