How Cloud Computing Can Be A Game Changer For Software Developers

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While cloud computing provides significant cost benefits associated with software development, there is much more to using cloud computing for software development projects than just saving money.

Software development on cloud computing opens up a whole lot of other avenues for software developers and gives them greater flexibility in deployment and management of their software and applications. It supports agility, shorter time, and high performance in software development. It also provides an environment for automated testing and hence makes the entire process of software development very convenient.

The benefits of using cloud computing and Cloud servers for developers are listed below:

1. Cloud servers bring in virtual resources

Cloud servers like Squared Up give software developers access to numerous resources which include test servers and stage servers. Not only does it speed up the process of testing your software, but it also decreases the time required for delivery. This increases the developers’ productivity as they are able to complete tasks quicker and give results much faster than before. These resources are also scalable, and hence their use can be tuned up or down as and when required. This means that software developers don’t have to wait around to receive data space or server space.

2. Cloud servers reduce product delivery time

From inception to delivery, software and applications can take a lot of time to get to the market. In between this time, you could face competition from another company that has a similar idea, and they could potentially bag the label of being the first mover. However, rushing your product out isn’t recommended either. Cloud servers allow developers to reduce the time needed to deliver the final product and produce high-quality content at the same time. Cloud servers allow developers to check for any bugs, features and fix everything that needs to be fixed prior to delivery.

3. Cloud servers are very safe

Cloud servers allow software developers to address and maintain data security at all times. Data integrity is at the heart of all cloud platforms, and this is not different. Especially during the phases of testing and producing software, it is essential that developers take great care of preventing a data threat. Cloud servers do just that and provide an extremely safe and secure environment for developers.

4. Cloud servers are cost efficient

Cloud servers are highly cost-efficient and hence are very popular for software development too. They also have a pricing model, which allows you to pay only for the resources that you use. Developers can also pause their use of resources when they aren’t developing anything and hence get immense cost savings.  

To add to this, the multitude of features in cloud servers also enable cost savings. For instance, being able to use multiple testing avenues of the server while isolating certain parts of the code, and being able to work on different parts of your code at the same time also enables cost savings. To add to the above, when developers save time in delivery projects, that enables them multiple cost savings as well.


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