Bookmakers Using Android Power to Enhance Sports Betting Apps

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We have seen many industries take advantage of advancements in mobile technology and one of those has been the betting industry. Thanks to the power that android phones now have, bookmakers can make their betting apps more powerful than ever before.

The future of betting appears to be moving towards mobile wagering. We are all striving for convenience in our lives at the moment and the way to do that with betting is to bet via a mobile device.

Go back a decade or so and the technology was not in place for bookmakers to offer their entire service to us on a mobile phone. However, fast forward to where we are now and that is certainly the case.

Here we take a look at the advancements that have been made and what we can expect to see in the future as the betting industry continues to push forward with their mobile plans.

The Advancements of Mobile Betting Apps

You will notice that bookmakers use free bets to encourage people to sign up and if you are looking to play on a mobile device then take advantage of one of these services.

When you do this and then play on mobile, you will see that the entire service is available there. We have great advancements such as live betting, live streaming and much more, all of which can be on an Android mobile betting app thanks to the power of these phones.

Bookmakers would always have created this kind of service, but it is only because of the advancements from Android that they can offer it to those betting on mobile, as well as desktop users.

The service on offer via a mobile phone is now pretty much identical to that on a desktop.

A Move Towards Mobile from Bookmakers

This is all allowing bookmakers to move their services onto mobile more and more. When you look at life in general, we are seeing a need for convenience and a need for mobile compatibility. Without this, some industries may not survive.

In terms of betting, people want the convenience to bet from their sofa, or even when they are out, rather than firing up the computer.

An android betting app means that those heading out to games in the Premier League for example, can bet in the ground, on the way to the ground or anywhere else.

From a sports point of view, this means no guessing on team news beforehand, no placing bets before you know the weather and much more. There is more chance of having success when you have all the information available to you, and mobile betting means you can bet after you have gained that info.

The Future of Mobile Betting

It seems unlikely that the development of Android apps will slow down anytime soon. With the fierce competition between Samsung and Apple continuing, developments will continue and more can be added to these apps.

In terms of betting, the only real advancement that hasn’t been used yet by the industry is voice-activated software.

It is likely there would be some legal issues surrounding betting with this, but if the apps became voice-compatible then we could see it used elsewhere.

For example, you could check the latest scores by speaking to your betting app, ask for prices, check which games are coming up next and maybe even see what your returns from a bet were.

Anything else that comes, if it can be used for betting, it will more than likely be used, we have seen providers really push the boundaries and they are unlikely to stop.


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