5 Actions That Tutors and Students Should Take to Benefit from Technologies


How to make the entire high school class or college group benefit from tech advancements? More and more learning apps and games appear, and it is not easy to pick one. The market is overloaded with excellent solutions for both in-class and at-home usage. According to official reports, this industry’s size is set to increase by $46 to $88 billion during 2020-2024.

With the help of educational software, media, the internet, and other technologies, students can significantly boost their academic performance and even be ahead of their teachers. This post will tell professors how they can make use of tech tools and innovations in the learning processes.

Integrate Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks have a great impact on a student’s life, studies, and work. Such platforms are full of useful information for students, and, what is most important, they usually offer the latest news. Social media channels are effective when it comes to connecting learners to curriculum and various educational resources. It is also the time-tested method to keep in touch with peers and teachers.

Tutors and students may create groups and events related to a specific subject or different topics that they cover in class. There, they may discuss questions, provide tips for each other, cover upcoming exams, and more. A good idea is to come up with unique tags to discuss lectures.

Generate Content

Digital content is one of the most popular ways to express yourself and share your knowledge about different topics. While working on the blog posts or infographics, students automatically develop their creative writing and research skills necessary for the successful completion of homework assignments. Young people have an opportunity to stress and accommodate their competitive advantages and address various communication styles. The most widespread types of digital content include:

  • Flyers;
  • Digital art;
  • Videos;
  • Blogs;
  • Podcasts, etc.

The goal of implementing digital content into education is to showcase studying processes. With such art, students can show their positions and rebel against things that disagree with on a legal level. It all leads to the fact that teens flourish as learners.

Develop Research and Writing Skills

Students can go online to do some research on their upcoming projects. If they feel like a prompt is too complicated, they can also download similar papers and try to mimic other authors’ styles. However, there is no guarantee that a student will rewrite an essay enough to make it more than 95% unique, and that is the general requirement of almost all educational institutions.

Students may insert direct quotes, but they should not exceed five percent of the text.

Besides, learners can make mistakes that will prevent them from earning the highest grades. To avoid such problems and catch up with all deadlines for sure, students can open Google and type in something like, “write my essay UK” to get help with their assignments from real tutors. They can also install and use different applications for research, reading, comprehension, and writing.

Involve Gamification

Many graduates share that learning games (and simply entertainment apps) taught them to type fast or calculate big numbers in their heads. Many games offer labs where students can get familiar with the basics of chemistry, physics, and other precise sciences.

We are not even mentioning that almost any game provides users with such skills as dexterity, curiosity, attention to detail, savvy, problem-solving, and critical thinking. One of the most recommended genres for PC includes strategies. They help to develop an understanding of many subjects, and they are especially cool for students who have problems with describing war episodes in their history classes.

Using tech advancements for gamified learning is one of the best ideas ever. Some learning games are designed specifically to encourage collaboration and teamwork in class, which is rather important. Teachers of elementary classes will benefit from allowing students to play such games during the lessons.

Add Multimedia Lectures & Presentations

It is not a secret that people learn better when having an opportunity to visualize the needed info. That is why various imitations and real-time models work the best when it comes to studying complex topics. Even the best college professors may sometimes lack an idea of explaining various themes to their students.

It mostly happens because of the conflict between two generations. They might then use the following elements to interpret their thoughts:

  • Images;
  • Videos;
  • Visual effects;
  • Models;
  • Layouts;
  • Audio files;
  • Slideshows;
  • Digital presentations, etc.

One more effective method is to engage with the students via software created for conference calls. Such apps as Skype, Facetime, and Hangouts would come in handy.

Technologies play a vital role in the life of both students and their professors. Nowadays, tutors have to stay up to speed on the particular tech advancements that are designed to enhance learning processes. They should also focus on the philosophical implications of these instruments and protocols. It is essential to balance tech and mentor to achieve the best results within a short period.

Tech Digest Correspondent