TIER offers first e-scooter theory test


e-scooter theory test
European e-scooter operator TIER has teamed up with the AA’s DriveTech to launch the first-ever e-scooter theory test which riders will be incentivised to take.

The test, which comes shortly after TfL gave an e-scooter trial in London the green light, will be accompanied by TIER’s Ride Safe School, a bespoke e-learning platform co-designed with AA’s DriveTech to educate people around e-scooter safety and responsible use.

Riders are incentivised to sign up to the online school – where they can complete safety modules, watch video demonstrations featuring AA President Edmund King and take the test – by being offered a free ride on one of TIER’s e-scooters.

On the platform, riders will be schooled on skills such as how to operate and park TIER’s e-scooters, while also being taught how to safely share designated routes with other vehicles, pedestrians and vulnerable road users. Following the training, users will be invited to complete the theory test, the first of its kind in the market. Some of the questions riders will be asked include:

  • What is the best/preferred route to choose to use your TIER e-scooter?
  • Why is it important to park responsibly?

TIER which recently introduced safety features, including a built-in helmet and indicator lights, on its e-scooters has also committed to adding a sound to its vehicles to alert the blind and partially sighted of their approach. It will be working with the national charity Thomas Pocklington Trust to design the new feature.

Says Fred Jones, TIER’s General Manager, UK and Ireland:

“The safety of our riders and the wider community is our number one priority and we’re very proud to have introduced the most comprehensive e-scooter safety programme on the market.

“Working with the AA and their DriveTech team, we have raised the standards for responsible e-scooter use while continuing to promote it as an easy, sustainable way of getting from A to B.”

Adds Charlie Norman, Managing Director of DriveTech:

“We increasingly recognise that road and cycle networks are to be shared with different types of road users. E-scooters are a relatively new phenomena in the UK, but one whose presence will grow and grow if implemented correctly.

“We are experts in road safety, and have been training drivers and other road users for over 30 years. This experience tells us that we need a strong road safety and risk management message conveyed to all e-scooter users, in order for this new form of mobility to fulfil its potential. We are delighted to work with TIER to achieve this. E-scooters can offer a lot to urban mobility, but we don’t want this to be at the expense of safety.”

Founded in 2018, TIER operates in ten countries, serving over 85 cities globally including Paris, Berlin and Dubai. Earlier this year, TIER unveiled plans for a pan-European energy network, with battery charging stations installed across cities promising to bring local businesses millions of pounds in extra revenue each year.

Chris Price
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