How to activate the dual audio function of your Samsung Smartphone

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Eliminating the use of cables around your neck caused an unprecedented response among users of regular earphones. Bluetooth earphones
became very popular but there is still one problem: the need to take them off and lend them to someone you want to hear the same as you. 

Samsung has recognized this and created a feature where you are able to share your music to more than one device at the same time. Samsung gave its teams a new tool, with an interesting function that allows its users to share the audio that is played on a single mobile device, in two wireless earphones, so the two pairs of earphones can be used at the same time, by people different, for a shared audio or video experience. 

This feature is called “Dual Audio”. This function allows people to connect not one but two wireless headphones (two different pairs) to the same mobile device of the brand (Samsung), something that has not been implemented by other manufacturers. The feature provides a synchronized listening or viewing experience. Who has not wanted to listen at the same time as their partner? Surely on more than one occasion we have needed this tool and today it is within your reach thanks to Samsung. 

This feature is something that can be used in many situations, not only with music, since you can also share a podcast or a video with another person, you could even be playing games at YoYo Casino and listen to everything on both pairs of earphones. 

The dual Bluetooth function made its debut a few years ago, precisely in 2017, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released and since then it has managed to stay in the other phones that the brand has launched. Read these steps carefully, in order to take advantage of the benefits that this Samsung tool offers: 

1) Open Settings.

2) Go to Connections.

3) Tap Bluetooth and turn the slider to On. 

4) Pair both Bluetooth Earphones. 

5) Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Panel and tap on Media. Select both Bluetooth earphones.

6) Once connected you will be able to play the same audio from both devices and adjust the volume with ease. Playback is limited to a maximum of two devices to play audio simultaneously.

Tech Digest Correspondent