What is a smart scale?

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More and more people are gearing towards having a healthier lifestyle nowadays. Weight maintenance is one of the most vital health concerns that people are focusing on, reducing the risk of common diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes, and cancer. Most people are aware that a proper diet and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. For proper weight management, a bathroom scale should always be at hand.

Common ailments that people of all ages are experiencing these days are linked to obesity. Although it can be corrected through a healthier lifestyle by eating a variety of healthy food and daily activity, there must be a way to quantify the improvement. Regularly checking your weight can help in managing weight. These days, bathroom scales not only monitor the number of pounds but other biometric measurements as well.

A bathroom scale with a complete fitness tracking system is called a smart scale. A smart scale is an easy and effective way to keep track of your health goals. With the help of an activity tracker like a smartwatch or an android phone and a health tracking app, a smart scale can give you a complete picture of your overall health.

If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle, and you want to track your progress, having a smart scale at home is positively an intelligent move. Below are the unique features of a smart scale that can help you (and your whole family) achieve your fitness goals.

  • A smart scale is an electronic scale that measures the weight and different body metrics, which can be improved on such as body fat, body mass index (BMI), daily hydration, fat mass, muscle mass, and bone mass. 
  • The concept behind a smart scale is to measure the weight and other body health data by sending safe electrical signals from the scale’s electrodes through your feet. The electrical signals pass through the hydrated parts of the body and hit resistance when it hits fat tissue. The resistance is measured and is entered into systematically validated equations that will be converted to body metrics.   
  • If you or your family are into high-technology gadgets, having a smart scale at home may increase your motivation to track your weight and even the other family members. Multiple people can use the smart scale and have individual data tracked by a single device or several devices. Some smart scale models can recognize up to eight users automatically. Having an electronic smart scale benefits the whole household in keeping track of individual health goals. 
  • A smart scale can show data and information using easy-to-read charts and personalized insights to keep you more motivated as you monitor your progress using an activity tracker in a smartwatch or phone. A smart scale gives you weight values and other vital information to help you understand more what your body needs. 
  • A smart scale is also beneficial for those who do not want to share weight readings online and offline. Some pregnant women and mothers do not like looking at the actual bathroom scale readings. A smart scale can record the weights on the app and can be viewed discreetly later on. Note also that smart scales which measure biometric information use impedance analysis, which sends mild electrical signals through the feet. Devices with impedance features should not be used by pregnant women or people with an implanted medical device like a pacemaker. Before you purchase a smart scale, check for a model that can disable the impedance features. 
  • Some smart scale models can sync with fitness tracking and coaching apps, benefiting fitness pros, and serious athletes. These fitness trackers and apps can provide advanced data and statistics such as training intensity and specific fitness coaching suggestions based on the gathered fitness data. 
  • Having to step on the smart scale every day can teach adults and children to create good weight-management habits. Recording data regularly is a way to promote a significant boost to check individual weights habitually to keep track of health goals. 
  • Recording weigh-ins using the smart scale and a fitness tracker can help review each family member’s weight history. It will be easy to tell a health care provider if there are drastic changes in weight if someone in the family gets ill.

A smart scale can cost between $40 to less than $200, depending on whether you buy the smart scale with the fitness tracker plus the apps. Look for the smart scale that would provide you and your family the best benefits and better if it is compatible with your existing smart gadgets. The way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is not an expensive smart scale to keep track of your weight and other body metrics but of creating a good habit of weight-management practices.

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