Can I still be offered cash for phones if they are locked on to any specific UK network

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Getting cash for network-locked phones is not tough if you are aware of the basic rules. Here are some helpful tips to help you understand if it is worth it….

Whenever you try to sell your mobile phone, one of the questions you’ll get asked is if your handset is locked to a specific mobile carrier. Unlocked handsets have an advantage over locked ones as they will help you get more money. The difference can be around £100 between locked and unlocked handsets. When the difference is such huge, you might wonder if it is the right thing to unlock your phone before selling it.

Getting top cash for phones will, of course, be a priority for you. So when the difference is significant, it is advisable to get the handset unlocked. However, when it comes to old or broken devices, it is best to avoid getting them unlocked. The hassle and cost of unlocking the device will not be worth the extra cash you are eyeing. If you want money as quickly as possible, you can sell your handset right away.

How to identify a network-locked phone?

When you buy a handset through a British mobile provider, it will remain tied to that particular network. It will be irrespective of whether you make monthly payments or opt for pay as you go basis. When the contract of your phone expires, you will have to request the network provider to unlock it for you as it won’t happen automatically. The only exception here is Three, whose mobile phones are automatically unlocked even if purchased through a contract.

If you purchase handsets through vendors like Apple or Samsung and use SIM cards from a mobile provider, the device will remain unlocked. The phone will remain unlocked if you bought it secondhand or if you had changed the provider when using the same handset. The easiest way to test if a phone is a network locked or unlocked is by inserting the SIM card from another network and check if that works. Several network providers sell SIM cards at cheaper rates.

You will get an error message if you insert a new SIM card into a network-tied phone. The error message could be of varied types like – SIM Card Not Accepted, Invalid SIM, Network Locked, etc. Alternatively, you can also contact your service provider and ask if your device is network tied.

Is It Worth Unlocking My Phone Before Selling It?

If you want to determine whether it is worth unlocking your phone before selling it, it is best to make a comparison concerning the cost. You can compare the price of unlocking with the difference in the offered amount for a locked and unlocked status of your handset. The next factor to keep in mind is the waiting period. Network providers usually take at least ten days, and it can even go up to a month.

You can sell old mobile phones right away if you are in urgent need of cash. Getting the best available offer would be the right way considering the situation. If you have older devices or broken handsets, it is advisable to not opt for unlocking them. Your device would not gain much value even if you unlock it. If you have a handset in good condition and your mobile provider is willing to unlock it for free, and within a few days, you should readily send it for unlocking. This simple modification can help you get some extra cash that will be quite handy.

How to sell a locked phone

Most buyback stores will accept your locked handsets. The price they offer will depend on factors like the model, brand, age, and condition. Additionally, the type of lock placed on your device will also influence the amount you get in return. If you have a blacklisted or finance-locked device, you can expect to get between 55% and 98% of the value of an unlocked model. If you have an activation-locked handset, you can expect between 10% and 50% of the value of the unlocked phone. Making money from selling old mobile phones is easy if you keep these basic tips in mind.

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