Gaming Industry: The Evolution in Each Decade 


Did you know that in 2015 the revenues from the gaming industry reached up to 125 billion dollars? If you look at the history of the gaming industry, it has evolved very rapidly since its introduction back in the 1980s.

Gaming preferences, environment, and even the gaming strategies have changed significantly over time. If we define the word gaming it is an activity that engages an individual for amusement, fun, brain activity, and to practice cognitive skills. They are a source of pleasure, earning, and analyzing competitive skills. 

With the advent of technology the traditional games feel boring. Modern gaming is equipped with more visual stimuli, high-definition displays, advanced graphics, face and voice recognition and much more.

Have a look at the year-wise analysis of the effect of technology on gaming:

1980: home computers, LCD games and other portable devices used to develop and create games.

1990s: Console and computer games became more popular with better graphics and consoles.

2000s: mobile phones were mainly released in 2000 for 1 or 2 years before it. Nokia was the first brand which introduced the snake games in their phones. Since then multiple mobile games have been developed.

2010: mobile gaming technology becomes increasingly popular. In 2010 the gaming industry revenue reached up to 5.9 billion dollars from 2.03 billion dollars.

2020: virtual reality becomes popular. More advanced technology with face and voice recognition, smart and high technology LED, and other advanced graphics have changed the industry and even the game preferences of the players. 

Modern era of gaming

Nowadays, you can find everything online, even the games. Casino games such as agen judi online have been designed using highly advanced technology that the players feel like they are sitting in a casino with their friends & playing leisurely. 

Similarly, when it comes to sports, learning/education, action, casual, or puzzle games everything feels realistic. You’ll be surprised to hear that since 2016, the global mobile gaming industry has been growing tremendously & it is expected that by the end of 2020 the revenues will reach 72 to 75 billion dollars. 

Moreover, 50% games will be operated solely through smartphones or tablets by the end of 2020 since they are portable, cost-effective & easy to operate.

Tech Digest Correspondent