5 High Tech Advancements in the Gaming Industry 


Video games have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1980s. They feature some amazing technologies such as facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture control, graphics and high-definition displays. These features have dramatically changed the billion-dollar gaming industry. 

Below are a few examples of high tech advances used in video games that are a must-read.

1. Face recognition

3D scanning and facial recognition technology is being used in the gaming industry so that you can forget customized looks that resemble you closely. 

3D cameras allow the designers to design the games that adapt the facial expressions of the player in 78 different angles so that even if the screen captures a bit of any angle it recognizes it at the moment.

2. Voice recognition

Some players do not like to play the game by controllers and prefer voice controlling. Computers nowadays are designed in a way that capture the voice commands from the player and prepare for the commanded action. 

It means that players cannot use their voice to control gameplay, interact with the audience while playing the game on social media or search through the web by talking to your gaming system.

3. High-definition displays

4K gaming displays have entered the gaming world and become an eventual standard. They have unmatchable colours, crispiness and clarity. Casino games like judi bola, sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton, puzzle, counting, & many other learning games have caught attention after the HD displays. 

4. Graphics

High technology graphics have changed the whole gaming industry. Cutting edge technology and advancements allow the players to play games in an environment that feels really close to the real world. 

The soft fluid technology, destructive environment technology and other smart advances create a new environment that renders the real world. While playing the game the players with their right inside the game involved and performing various actions.

5. Mobile gaming

Games have now moved to mobile phones and allow the user to play any time anywhere. You do not need to go out of your room and can play anything right in your palm. Mobile technology has intensively increased the digital gaming spread even beyond console consumers in online gaming.

The on-demand games are available in the Apple and Google Play stores on the very same or after a few days of their launch & this easy access contributes a major portion to the economy gaming industry.

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