Electroheads electric kart racing comes to UK

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The Electroheads electric kart race series – inspired by F1 hybrid power unit technologies – is making its debut at Whilton Mill kart track in the UK today (23 July).

Designed by former Ferrari and Williams F1 engineer Rob Smedley, the Electrohead e-racing kart offers performance parity for significantly lower running costs meaning that talent is the most important factor. The 2020 race events are run on simple ‘Arrive and Drive’ principles, with high-performance race karts provided and every driver knowing they will race in equal machines.

Electroheads will provide racers with everything they need to go racing, whether that’s a half-day ‘taster’ for a complete novice or as a competitor in a full race weekend. The e-karts’ F1-inspired technology will ensure that every racer on the grid has precisely the same power available and the team will be transparent about sharing that data, so all competitors can see that absolute drivetrain parity exists.

The Electroheads 2020 race series will be launched across two kart categories: Bambino and Cadet. The entry-level Bambino Electroheads karts are powered by 3kW electric powertrains in fully race-specced ‘RS Electroheads by Birel Art’ kart chassis. With an age span of 6-8 years old, the Bambino class is aimed strictly at teaching the youngest drivers the basics of kart driving before they climb the ranks of racing.

From aged 8-12, drivers can race in more powerful 5kW Electroheads Cadet machines. Again, these karts feature state-of-the-art electric powertrains in the latest ‘RS Electroheads Birel Art’ Cadet kart chassis.

Says Rob Smedley, who heads up Electroheads Motorsport division:

“Our ambition has always been to make it far easier – and cheaper – for the next generation of racers to experience the awe of motorsport; we want to bring the know-how and skills learned at the very highest level in Formula 1 to the grassroots to make that happen.

“As Lewis Hamilton himself said recently, racing faces some real challenges. It lacks diversity; it’s too expensive; and for too many children it doesn’t even make it on to their radar as an option. That has to change.

“Electroheads is the driving force to inspire, energise and thrill racers as they climb the ladder. It is cleaner, cheaper, faster and importantly, fairer. Our aim has to be to find the next crop of Lewis Hamiltons and facilitate a realistic journey all the way to F1. It has never been a more relevant time to make the changes that are necessary in the grassroots of our sport”

The Electroheads race series kicks off at Whilton Mill on July 23-24. Further opportunities for young racers to try our ground-breaking machines will be available across the UK at:

  • Whilton Mill (second event) – 27th and 28th July
  • GYG, North Wales – 5th & 6th August
  • Teesside – 13th & 14th August
  • Rowrah – 17th & 18th August


Chris Price
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