What Are Main Reasons for Passing Microsoft 98-349 Exam?

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Both business professionals and entrepreneurs in the IT field encounter unique challenges. The best way to overcome them is to stand out and develop brand authority and credibility. You can achieve this by earning a Microsoft certification such as MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals. To get it, you need to pass the Microsoft 98-349 exam. In this article, we will give an overview of this test and the details that you have to know. Let’s dive into it!

What skills does Microsoft 98-349 exam verify?

Passing  Exam-Labs Tests Microsoft 98-349 verifies one’s skills in working with Windows OS. The students must have the relevant skills of OS configuration and management. You also need to have the ability to handle client systems and perform tasks that entail working with files, devices, folders, and applications.

To get the required skills, it is important to study and pursue practical experience with basic OS concepts. Without this, passing the test can be hard. Understanding the basic Windows operating system concepts won’t take much time, so don’t neglect the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need.

How many questions does Microsoft 98-349 exam have?

Certbolt Click Here Microsoft 98-349 contains 40-60 questions that can appear in various formats, such as case study, hot area, build list, drag and drop, multiple choice, and best answer. You must tackle all these questions within 1 hour. Also, you need to get at least 700 marks to get a pass. And the exam fee is $165.

What are the main reasons for passing Microsoft 98-349 exam?

There are numerous advantages that you can get by passing Microsoft 98-349. With the MTA certificate up your sleeve, you will be in a better position to advance your IT career. Thus, you can pay your attention to the following reasons:

  • Recognition in the IT field

When invited for an interview for a job position in the IT sector, you will find many professionals with the same standard qualifications. Therefore, the recruiters will choose an individual who has a higher level of knowledge than other applicants. This is where obtaining the MTA credential helps you grab the attention of the employers. It will surely increase your probability of getting your dream job.

  • Job security

Job security isn’t guaranteed in the IT industry. That’s because the IT field is very dynamic since new technologies and features emerge from time to time. For you to keep pace with technology, getting the MTA certification and updating your skills is all you need. The hiring managers are always looking for better ways to increase efficiency and productivity in their company. So, they will always go for the competent workers. If you are that individual, your job security is guaranteed. Your updated skills and experience will make you a valuable asset to the organization.

  • Validation of your skills and knowledge

The certificateyou get after passing the Microsoft 98-349 test is offered bytheglobally recognized IT company. The vendor you choose is an essential mark on your resume since it shows that you have undergone through rigorous training. Passing the exam validates your fundamental skills for executing tasks in the Windows OS. It also gives you a chance to build a sustainable basis for obtaining a certification of a higher level.

  • Career advancement

Passing the Microsoft 98-349 exam and earning the MTA credential is one of the ways to advance yourself in the IT field. It will make you a purposeful and diligent individual who can set and achieve goals. Furthermore, this means that you can obtain one of the entry-level certificates and proceed to the advanced ones. Microsoft has designed a range of options so that you can pick your preferred path. Therefore, you will definitely find a track for you to follow in the Microsoft certification program and advance your IT career accordingly.

  • Easy promotion

Getting new skills will make you more competent to perform the tasks that require more qualification than your existing roles. Earning a credential from Microsoft makes you the number one worker in your organization, thus giving you an advantage when a chance for promotion occurs.

What are some useful tips you can follow to prepare for Microsoft 98-349 exam?

Some candidates taking Microsoft 98-349 for the first time may think that they have enough time to tackle all the questions. However, they don’t know the real structure of the test. Some questions tend to be harder than others. In such a case, it is advisable to leave those questions to be answered later and concentrate on the simple ones. Ensure you deal with all of them quickly and efficiently.

There are many online study forums that the students can join to prepare for their exam. These forums are full of other individuals preparing for Microsoft 98-349. Therefore, you can share with them the information you know and listen to their suggestions to help each other prepare for this certification test. In most cases, there are the qualified specialists who moderate these study groups. Therefore, they can offer you solutions to various problems you encounter during your preparation process. You can also enrol for the instructor-led training course offered by Microsoft to listen to the opinion of the certified experts.

Another great resource that you can utilize to prepare for the Microsoft 98-349 exam is practice tests. However, you need to make sure that these materials are valid and updated. That is why we recommend that you check the Exam-labs website. This is one of the leading online platforms that offer the most reliable preparation tools. You can rely on this site for the relevant brain dumps. It offers the premium bundle that contains practice questions and accurate answers, a detailed guide, and a video course with 50 lectures. Using these practice questions during your preparation is important. You’ll get familiar with the exam structure and get to know with the vibe of the real certification test. Additionally, it will boost your confidence to take Microsoft 98-349, as you’ll know what to expect.


Earning a credential from a recognized corporation such as Microsoft is a perfect way to advance your IT career. It offers you numerous benefits, such as recognition, validation of skills, promotion, and many more. Learn the essential details, prepare with great study materials, and ace Microsoft 98‑349 to get MTA and grow in your IT career. Make sure you use reliable resources from credible platforms such as Exam-labs and you will definitely succeed.

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