Microsoft MB-210 Exam and All Essential Details That Can Form Your Opinion Regarding It. Add Some Practice Tests to Your Study Plan and Turn Your Career on Right Path!

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Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate is one of the most popular and sought-after credentials in the IT sector. A lot of specialists strive to obtain it in order to verify their skills in sales. These professionals perform the tasks of implementing solutions that increase the overall lifespan of the business sales. They ensure that all the processes are running effectively and efficiently to meet the income, objectives, and strategies of any enterprise.

To earn this badge, you must pass two exams In this article, our focus will be on Microsoft MB-210. The full name of this test is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Here we will explain its details, its topics you should learn, as well as its benefits to your career in the IT sector. So, let’s get straight to this comprehensive overview.

Microsoft MB-210: Audience

This exam gauges the students’ expertise to verify that they are competent in the following domains:

  • Management of core sales entities;
  • Management of sales entities;
  • Performing configuration.

The target audience for Microsoft Premium Exams is the functional consultants who are in charge of identifying, engaging the subject matter experts as well as stakeholders, capturing requirements, configuring applications and solutions, and translating requirements. These specialists are those who implement solutions using codeless extensibility, out of the box capabilities, and application along with service integrations.

Microsoft MB-210: Structure

The MB-210 certification exam comes with about 40-60 questions in total. You need to understand that these questions will be available in various formats, for instance, multiple choice, case study, active screen, build list, hot area, best answer or short answer, or even drag and drop. Nevertheless, they must be completed in 2 hours and you are required to score at least 700 marks out of a maximum of 1000 points to pass this test. You will also have to pay the fee of $165. So, don’t forget to prepare some money. You will also need them if you want to get reliable study materials.

Microsoft MB-210: Topics

The main requirement for this Microsoft test is to have an in-depth knowledge of its objectives. This becomes possible after exploring all the areas highlighted in these topics. We have already listed the skills measured in the 70-461 Premium  (see above), so let’s look at the subtopics that you need to cover in detail:

  1. Perform configuration

This domain carries about 40-45% of the questions in the Microsoft MB-210 exam. Under this topic, you will face with a number of subtopics that evaluates your knowledge of the following:

  • Configure sales settings;
  • Create and configure sales;
  • Configure processes;
  • Use external sales applications to configure integration.
  1. Operate core sales entities

This section covers about 20-25% of the whole exam content. The questions from this objective assess the candidates’ competency in creating and managing Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts.

  1. Operate sales entities

This topic area makes up 40-45% of the entire exam content. Under this subject, the individuals should demonstrate their ability to perform the following:

  • Create and manage quotes;
  • Create a product and its catalog and manage it;
  • Manage sales order processing.

Microsoft does not list any prerequisites for the 70-480 Premium File , but the vendor recommends that the learners know a thing or two about business applications and how to implement and customize them.

You can learn all the above-mentioned topics by taking the official instructor-led training course or by watching video tutorials. Other types of preparation resources are also available on many various online platforms such as Certbolt. This website offers you some practice tests to evaluate the knowledge and skills you gained during your preparation time. This is a great tool to find your weak areas and get the vibe of taking the actual exam.

Microsoft MB-210: Benefits

Exam-Labs – Web Premium File is a popular exam among the IT professionals that brings a lot of benefits not only to them, but also to their organizations. Let’s explore some of the advantages you will get by clearing this certification test.

  • You obtain the sought-after certification from an industry leader.

After passing Microsoft MB-210, you will become a certified functional consultant. To earn a certificate from this vendor, which is a leader in IT technologies, is something that helps open up numerous opportunities for your career growth. The badge demonstrates that you are highly competent and you can work in any organizations in any country.

  • You possess verified skills.

In preparation for the MB-210 exam, you will learn how to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application to effectively manage handling of the current and potential clients, automating best practices, tracking data against sales goals, learning from the collected data, and so on. These are not just ordinary skills and not everyone has them, except those who have gone through the certification process. With this expertise, you will have what it takes to perform better and more efficiently in your position. You will have proof that you have truly gained the necessary skills to carry out the tasks signed to you.

  • You have an attractive salary.

Passing Exam-Labs 70-486 Premium File and getting the related credential can unlock your potential to earn higher salaries. The certified functional consultants usually get more money than their uncertified colleagues. When you have a Microsoft certification, your current or potential employers will be more willing to offer you a better paycheck because they will believe that you are able to provide great results in accordance with the expectations of the organization.


Knowing all the details we mentioned above will help you form your opinion regarding the Microsoft MB-210 exam and the badge that you can get after passing it along with another test. If you eventually decide to go for it, the certification will bring you a lot of advantages that will turn your career journey on the right path. Isn’t that what we all want?

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