Volvo launches Volvo Valet pick-up service and app

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Volvo Cars today launches its new Volvo Valet maintenance pick-up and delivery service across selected European markets, including the UK, following its introduction in the United States.

Reflecting the realities of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the premium Volvo Valet service offers customers a safe and contact-free option to have their car serviced or repaired, from the safety and comfort of their own home.

The Volvo Valet service is simple and convenient. After customers contact their retailer for an appointment, the car is picked up from their home on the agreed date, serviced and returned.

The Volvo Valet service also includes a special app, developed by Volvo Cars’ software engineers at its Silicon Valley office, in which customers can track the whereabouts of their car in real time and are kept up to date with notifications about the progress of the servicing process.

The first market in Europe to introduce Volvo Valet is the UK, where the service has been trialled for a number of weeks. Other major markets to offer the service include Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland.

“With the Volvo Valet service, we give customers the flexibility and convenience that they need in these challenging times,” says Björn Annwall, head of EMEA at Volvo Cars. “It is a great example of how at Volvo, we always put people’s wellbeing and safety at the centre of everything we do.”

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK’s Managing Director, said: “Having trialled the service with a number of our retailers for several weeks, we are very pleased to be now introducing Volvo Valet across the UK.

“Along with our market-leading online sales platform and contactless car delivery service, this is another example of how we are adapting quickly to make our customers’ lives safer and easier.”

The Volvo Valet service was first introduced in the United States earlier this year and in China, a similar premium valet service for car maintenance is offered to Volvo customers via WeChat, the popular mobile platform used for a range of different services by Chinese consumers.

The news comes as Volvo Car UK claims it is taking actions to keep it customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic, improving its online buying experience for new and used cars, prolonging service intervals to delay non-essential work, and applying social distancing measures that protect those with urgent repair and maintenance needs.

Its online buying service, part of the Stay Home Store concept rolled out across Europe, was recently upgraded with a new live chat function for an even more personalised and convenient experience.



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