Top 20 skills ‘technophobe’ Brits learning during lockdown


‘Technophobe’ Brits have learned new tech skills during lockdown – including how to video call, send a group text and even use their computer to make a phone call.

Research polling 2,000 adults found a quarter previously avoided messaging into group chats, while 23 per cent wouldn’t use video conferencing for work.

More than a quarter even went as far as to describe themselves as a ‘technophobe’, with a third admitting to being intimidated by modern technology.

But in recent weeks during the UK’s lockdown period, 3 in 10 have learned a new online skill.

One in four now feel confident in setting up a group video call, 40 percent now know what ‘Zoom’ is and a sixth have taught themselves how to join a group chat on a mobile phone.

Others have discovered how to have virtual meetings, how to turn their camera off on a video call and how to share a document with other people online.

William Paterson, the UK and Ireland Country Director of Alcatel which commissioned the study said: “People have had to adjust quickly to socialising and working online.

“It’s encouraging to see adults of all ages teaching themselves new skills in order to keep in touch with others.

“Previously, it was easy to avoid the likes of video conference calls with colleagues and group chats with family, but now it’s the key way of communicating.

The research also found video calls have seen the biggest increase in use – with 21 per cent turning to Whatsapp video, a fifth catching up via Zoom and 21 per cent using Facetime when they didn’t do so previously.

More than half have had to adapt to new ways of communicating with others and a third have set up new online accounts including Google Hangouts. Similarly, four in 10 have joined new group chats during this time and half said they are using technology devices more than ever.

Prior to lockdown, an average of 74 minutes a day was spent using a mobile phone, this has now increased by 24 minutes to 98 minutes per day. And 31 per cent admitted they only used to use their phone for calls but now rely on their device for a lot more.

Half of adults have had to help an older relative or friend with tech, but three in give have also had to ask someone else for assistance.

Tasks people struggle with include merging phone calls (17 per cent), setting up virtual meetings (15 per cent) and adding others to a group call (13 per cent).

But, more than a third admitted they’d like to be more knowledgeable when it comes to technology and 46 per cent believe it’s important to ‘keep up with the times’.

As a result of learning new skills and adapting to ways of communicating, three in 10 said their confidence using devices has grown during lockdown.

And a quarter of those polled, via OnePoll, are more likely to use technology and different gadgets following this.

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 Top 20 tech skills Brits have learnt during lockdown:

  1. What Zoom is
  2. How to set up a group video call
  3. How to share links with others to join a virtual meeting
  4. How to set up a group chat on Whatsapp
  5. How to turn off/turn on my camera on a video call
  6. How to add people to a group call
  7. How to join a group chat on a mobile phone
  8. How to send a text to more than one person
  9. How to have a phone call across a computer device
  10. How to mute my laptop on a video call
  11. How to use emojis
  12. How to put a mobile phone on speaker
  13. How to print remotely / wirelessly
  14. How to send gifs on a phone
  15. How to share a document virtually e.g. google sheet
  16. How to post on social media
  17. How to block a phone number
  18. How to set up dual screens
  19. How to connect a laptop and a monitor
  20. How to use hashtags


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