The All-In-One Streaming Search Engine is Finally Here

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Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and HBO Now are a handful of the streaming services available. There’s always something to watch. But scrolling through everything could take an hour or longer to find what you want. How do you decide what to watch before you’re too tired to pay attention to the movie or TV show? Simple. On TV Tonight, or OTT for short, is a
streaming search engine that does the work for you.

Skip the Endless Scrolling 

Even if you only have two streaming services, there’s a ton of content to search through. Much of the movies, TV shows, documentaries, and docuseries have popular titles, making it difficult to decide. In addition to what’s on tonight, you can search for a week ahead for new shows and movies that are regularly added to these services. 

Everything in one Space

Use one app, any iOS or Android device to find everything that’s on your favorite streaming services, from Netflix Originals to season 57 of General Hospital on Hulu. Are you looking for content from outside the US? Tonight also offers international streaming listings for Canada, the UK, and Australia. For Ireland, you can check for TV listings only. The apps are 100% free to use. 

Set Up Your Account

Personalize your results by setting up an account with On TV Tonight. You can also add your favorite movies and shows to the app and get notified before they air. Along with saving content for future notifications, you can sort by time zones to get personalized local listings. The interface for the app and website is clear and easy to read. You don’t have to keep all streaming services on the list. If it’s overwhelming, you can remove channels that aren’t watched regularly and add them back whenever you want.

Check Free and Paid Streaming Content

You don’t need to have paid streaming services to use On TV Tonight. The service also shows free listings. Additionally, if you’re looking to rent a new movie that’s not available with any of your streaming packages, you can scroll through VUDU, a streaming service from Walmart. VUDU allows you to rent or fully purchase streaming content. 

Get Help Finding Shows Suitable for Children

Children are home all the time now, and experts say it’s okay to let them watch TV more while you get work done or need a break from constant activities. With few rainy day activities, it’s easy to understand you’re running out of ideas. Tonight shows all TV parental guidelines and ratings, so you’ll know right away what’s safe and appropriate for your children to watch. 

There’s no reason to scroll endlessly anymore. Head to On TV Tonight and find out what’s streaming on one interactive website that’s easy for anyone to navigate. The free service is available to make life easier for you and your family during these difficult times. 


Tech Digest Correspondent