Schwinn IC4: A Cheaper Way to Get the Peloton Experience?

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Peloton is considered to be the best in state-of-the-art home fitness equipment. The trouble is that many find it to be a bit pricey. If you have been wishing for a Peloton experience but you do not have the means, there is a cheaper alternative. Schwinn IC4 offers you a similar experience but minding your pocket.

Here is a review of what to expect from Schwinn as an alternative fitness workout.

What Is The Schwinn IC4?

Schwinn IC4 is a brand that offers affordable alternatives to home exercises. The brand’s exercise bikes have excellent features for offering you for a wonderful workout experience.

The Schwinn IC3 got upgraded to the Schwinn IC4, making it stronger. The body has no plastic and contains only quality steel. Its frame has a double coat with paint that’s corrosion-resistant.

Why Schwinn Is a Good Peloton Alternative

Schwinn IC4 goes for $799 while Peloton goes for $2,245. With such a vast difference, Schwinn is the most suitable exercise bike when you are on a budget and still want to keep fit. The Schwinn has a warranty that ensures you of its durability.

Some of the IC4 features include wireless armbands, compatibility with various fitness apps, and foot pedals with a dual-link. It also has a 40-pound drive that accommodates multiple users. From amateurs to professionals, IC4 guarantees its user an interactive training session. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless telemetry to ensure a smooth training experience.
With IC4, you get to enjoy the Peloton experience without breaking the bank. It meets your needs as you work out and provides a seamless ride.

IC4 Programs for Workout

IC4 has no preset workouts, but thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can get various training programs. The IC4 bike’s design works with most cycling apps such as Peloton, Zwift, among others. Via Bluetooth, you can use your smart device to connect to the apps.

The bike’s LCD monitor is easy to read, and you can tell from its display the distance you’ve covered, calories burned, time passed, among others. The LCD compatibility with the provided armband makes it easier to keep track of your heart rate to avoid over-exerting yourself.

The 3-pound dumbbells that come as a pair and their holders are on the bike’s front. Their ease of reach makes you use them when you want to work out your upper body and arms.

The Schwinn IC4 has the following pros and cons:


  •                     40-pound drive that offers you proper resistance no matter what fitness level you are in
  •                     Bluetooth connectivity that offers you interactive training as you can stream through fitness apps such as Zwift, Peloton, Apple Health, among others
  •                     Dual-link pedals help customize a ride
  •                     Tablet holder to keep your device in place as you stream the classes live
  •                     Its precise resistance helps you get the ideal challenge
  •                     Ergonomic design ensures you perfectly fit both horizontally and vertically
  •                     Wireless armband to allow you to keep track of your heart rate


  •                     IC4 does not have preset workouts; it, therefore, has limited workouts
  •                     It has no fan to keep you cool during workouts
  •                     LCD technology is not sufficient to accommodate on-demand workouts and live streaming
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