Ranked: Smart home products Brits MOST desire after lockdown

Smart thermostats like Nest (above) are at the top of the list of smart devices that Brits want after lockdown

Spending more time indoors than ever before has given us the opportunity to reflect on various parts of our home – with many of us wanting to make it more eco-friendly/energy-efficient as well as installing more smart home products.

Interested in home care, Priceyourjob.co.uk surveyed 1,484 homeowners across the UK to discover which aspects of their property they intend to make eco-friendly and energy-efficient after lockdown.

The intended renovations Brits will carry out after the lockdown
Draught proof doors, windows, floors and/or skirting boards 64%
Window treatment (i.e. thicker curtains/cellular blinds etc.) 59%
Low-flow showerhead 52%
LED lights bulbs (exterior/interior) 47%
Loft insulation 43%
More energy-efficient boiler 35%
Double-glazed windows 31%
Sustainable flooring (i.e. made from cork, reclaimed wood etc.) 26%
Wall insulation 18%
Sustainable countertops (i.e. made from bamboo, recycled glass etc.) 12%

It found that most Brits (64%) will look to draught proof their doors, windows, floors and/or skirting boards by filling in any gaps (with sealant, cement etc.). 59% state they are looking to reduce the amount of heat that escapes through their windows by getting curtains (i.e thick curtains) and/or blinds (i.e. cellular blinds) which insult heat better.  

Moreover, 52% of Brits are keen to install a low-flow showerhead. Nearly half (47%) are looking to change all the lights bulbs (interior/exterior) in their home to LED – which consume significantly less energy than regular light bulbs (i.e. incandescent bulbs).

Interestingly, 35% are going to upgrade their existing boiler to a more energy-efficient one.

The smart home products Brits intend to purchase after the lockdown
Smart Thermostat 67%
Smart Lighting 62%
Smart Kettle 56%
Smart Plugs 51%
Smart Fridge 45%
Smart Taps 43%
Smart Washing Machine 34%
Smart Oven 19%
Smart Microwave 18%
Smart Vacuum 10%

Additionally, those surveyed were asked which smart home products they intend on purchasing to make their home eco-friendly/energy-efficient after the lockdown.

Priceyourjob found that a smart thermostat (67%) is the most popular smart home product that Brits want to purchase to make their home eco-friendly/energy-efficient.

Subsequently, 62% have a desire to buy smart lighting and over 50% are prepared to get a smart kettle (56%) and smart plugs (51%).

Contrastingly, it seems that Brits are less enthusiastic about buying the smart versions of major appliances such as a smart washing machine (34%), smart oven (19%), smart microwave (18%) and smart vacuum (10%).


Chris Price
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