Blueye Robotics launches new underwater drone


Want to view under the water without having to put on your wetsuit and take a camera with you? Blueye Robotics has launched a new underwater drone, the Bluewater Water Pro.

The underwater drone is ready to be deployed in a few minutes with minimal training, claims the manufacturer. It says operating  the drone is easy with the Blueye app. With the additional Dive Buddy app, users can also include other managers to join the operation on multiple devices.

The camera tilt-function allows users to increase their vertical field of view. By a simple tap on the controller, the camera on the drone will tilt upwards or downwards, enabling users to perform more efficient and higher quality inspections. Vessel inspectors will now be able to inspect their flat-bottomed vessel more easily, fish farmers will get a better view of the bottom of their fish pen and researchers will be able to have a closer look at the seabed while collecting data. 

In addition to the tilt-function, the camera is improved with higher light sensitivity, better dynamic range and image stabilization. Depth rating has also been increased to 1000 feet (305 m)

Says Christian Gabrielsen, CEO, Blueye Robotics:

“With the Blueye Pro we can offer professionals an even more robust and agile tool. With the new features such as the tilting camera and the increased depth rating, I’m confident that the Pro will serve the needs of professionals within aquaculture, search & rescue, hydropower, public waterworks, research, shipping, harbours and more” 

Blueye Robotics is a Norwegian technology company established in 2015. After several years of development, it launched its first product, the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone, in 2018.


Chris Price
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