Twitter’s Dantley Davies suggests new features for 2020


Senior Twitter executive Dantley Davis has suggested a number of new features that could appear on the social network in 2020, including the ability to block being mentioned without permission.

The company’s vice president of design and research tweeted several ideas, although it is not clear whether they will become a reality next year.

The account of Dantley Davis teased that users could have the power to remove themselves from a conversation, as well as the means to disallow retweeting of certain posts if they do not want them being distributed by other people.

He opened a series of tweets, saying: “Features that I’m looking forward to in 2020,” listing removal of a specific mention from a conversation and tweeting only to a specific hashtag, interest or group of friends as potential options.

“Do you agree with the ideas in this list? What else would you add? #designtwitter,” he tweeted.

“I believe giving more control to users will help create a healthier Twitter and reduce abuse. Additionally, these features need to be easy to access and use.”

Mr Davis also suggested that threads should be automatically labelled on the social network, meaning users no longer have to make it obvious themselves.

An edit button allowing users to correct mistakes has been a long-requested feature, which the Twitter executive touched on in response to a comment.

“This can be done with integrity,” he responded.

Twitter recently made headlines by announcing that it was banning political advertising from its service, a decision which has put pressure on Facebook to follow suit.

Chris Price
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