How Will 5G Affect the Online Gambling Industry


Once upon a time when people watched the first sci-fi movies, they considered the content impossible. Mobile communication and touch screens seemed like a dream and no one could have imagined that one day we will be able to enjoy the benefits of those creative inventions.

But time has passed and, luckily for us, technology has advanced step by step. In the past, you were able to watch a movie at the cinema only, while today you can create a cinema in your living room.

Most certainly, the invention of the internet had a lot to do with all these technological developments. It started small, and it was a privilege to have internet access, while now you can walk down the street and easily connect to a Wi-Fi network almost anywhere. More importantly, you can have internet on your phone. The internet has developed so much that we are about to experience exceptional 5G technology.

One of the industries that has expanded significantly and will grow even more vigorously with the help of 5G is online gambling. Although it has already climbed high on the ladder of success, it still has something new to offer.

Need for Speed

Anybody who says they don’t get annoyed by a slow internet connection is lying. What’s more, if you’re doing something important online, even the slightest problem with the connection can cause a nervous breakdown.

Let’s say that you’ve got a free afternoon to visit your favourite online casino and entertain yourself with some new casino games. Additionally, when you open the casino page, you find out that there is a special offer waiting for you, such as Spinland free spins. However, you have one router in your home and the whole family is online.

You register, make a deposit, and the moment you are ready to use your free stuff, your internet connection fails since other members of your family are doing their own thing online at the same time.

This will rarely happen with 5G technology since it will be 10-20 times faster than 4G. Therefore, you will be able to play your favourite casino games without worrying that your connection might break because someone else is watching a movie on Netflix or a football match livestream at the same time.

Online Gambling on the Move

Apart from having a super-fast connection at your home, you will be able to enjoy 5G on your smartphone as well. These days, we spend a lot of time commuting; for some people, the commute can last for an hour or more in one direction. That can result in over two-three hours of doing nothing every day.

5G is about to change that since the majority of online casinos nowadays have an app or they adapt their websites for mobile use. Although these online casinos already work on mobile devices, users often experience digital traffic jams because a lot of people on the move are killing time online at the same time.

The latency rate, which is, in simple terms, the time it takes for a piece of data to be requested and returned, makes this possible. At the moment, an average latency rate of 4G is 10mS, while 5G should decrease it to 0.5mS.

Welcome Virtual Reality in a New Dimension

Virtual reality games are still considered new on the market, and the main thing that prevents people from using them more is the connection that cannot fully support all of their features.

With the introduction of 5G, games will become totally realistic, which will encourage people to invest more in them. As a result, online casinos will then try to come up with more virtual reality games and incorporate them into their offer.

As we can see, the 5G innovation will be beneficial to both online casino owners and users in terms of revenue and the satisfaction of customers’ expectations.

Tech Digest Correspondent