Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About GPS Trackers


Installing a GPS tracker may not be the first thing people do when they buy a brand-new car. However, in the present time, people should definitely buy a GPS tracker for their vehicles. The crime rate in the country is increasing at a rapid pace which makes it inevitable to buy a GPS tracker for safety reasons.

There are different types of GPS trackers, each with its own set of intricacies. Most people skip past these features and only focus on one aspect of GPS trackers, i.e. their tracking capabilities. Even though, it’s theoretically right, in the practical world just tracking the location hardly suffices. Today, when the crime is increasing, you need something that is future-proof and helps you with more than just tracking the location of your car.

One such GPS tracker is KENT CamEye, a new-age one-of-a-kind GPS tracker cum dashcam that goes far and beyond to offer exemplary vehicle security experience. Before we talk about the intricacies of KENT CamEye, let’s see what GPS trackers really are.

What is a GPS Tracker?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that provides geolocation and time information to any GPS receiver on the earth. GPS tracker is a system that consists of a portable device that helps in tracking the location.

KENT CamEye – The Future of GPS Trackers

KENT CamEye is a highly innovative vehicle security system that combines GPS in a dashcam to provide maximum vehicle security. Here are the reasons why KENT CamEye is the GPS Camera you need to know everything about.

  1. Dual Camera

One of the best features of KENT CamEye is its dual cameras. The GPS tracker cum dash cam is capable of recording video, both inside and outside of the vehicle. The feature is incredibly useful from numerous standpoints. Whether you have a chauffeur-driven car or you’re worried about women in your family – the dual camera recording feature on the KENT CamEye will come handy in different situations.

Not only this, the dual cameras on KENT CamEye are AI-enabled and come with face recognition feature that scans the face of the driver and send an alert on the phone of the owner if anyone other than a non-whitelisted person drives the car.

However, the best part is that the live stream of the video can be accessed through the KENT CamEye phone app. The device comes with 4G sim preinstalled that allows live streaming of video and location of the car.

  1. Intelligent Alerts

As one of the smartest GPS trackers, KENT CamEye has a provision for intelligent alerts. The device connects with your smartphone and sends notifications for numerous instances. Rarely do, GPS trackers offer such handy features.

Since the KENT CamEye app allows you to make use of various alerts, you can rest assured of the safety of your loved ones and your car. The alerts on KENT CamEye include – Over speeding, AC on, Geo-Fencing, unknown driver alert and many more.

These alerts will send a notification on your phone anytime when the car breaches any of the set parameters. For instance, if your driver goes beyond the speed limit or goes out of a perimeter set by you – your phone will get a notification. The device is also capable of sending you alerts if any of the following happens:

  • Removing the power cable from KENT CamEye
  • Blacking-out KENT CamEye’s Camera
  • Rebooting KENT CamEye
  • Low Battery

Such smart features help you get the maximum out of the GPS tracker.

  1. Cloud Storage

Most GPS trackers don’t have storage or have little memory to record previous trips. However, GPS trackers such as KENT CamEye goes above and beyond. Everything from your live location to the video is uploaded to secure cloud storage. KENT CamEye comes with a preinstalled 4G sim that allows the device to achieve this feat.

In situations when the network is not available, KENT CamEye can save videos along with location data on internal memory and sync to the cloud as soon as the network is restored. All the footage is accessible from the cloud on your device.

  1. Two-Way Audio System

Ever imagine a GPS tracker to have an audio system? Well, now you have. GPS trackers are only inherently capable of tracking your vehicle, but KENT CamEye offers a lot more. The device comes with truly unique feature that allows back and forth communication from the device to the app. It has an inbuilt mic and speaker setup that helps you speak to the driver from your phone.

Back in the day, GPS trackers were a luxury; however, today they are truly a necessity. New-age devices such as KENT CamEye proves to be the next step when it comes to establishing vehicle security. It’s time when you move beyond the plain-old GPS trackers and make use of devices that ensure safety.

Tech Digest Correspondent