Users told not to store Apple Card in leather wallets or denim

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Apple has advised users of its new titanium credit card not to store it in a leather wallet or against denim, warning this could permanently discolour the card.

Recently launched in the US and backed by Goldman Sachs, the credit card can be used digitally via an iPhone as well as in the form of a physical, titanium card.

Apple said the card is “laser-etched” with the card holder’s name and Apple logo, as well as a white finish achieved through a multi-layer coating process, but this can be damaged if it comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials.

The tech giant has told users to store the card in a wallet, pocket or bag made of soft materials.

According to a support page on the Apple website, users needing to clean their card should “gently wipe with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfibre cloth” and then “moisten a soft, microfibre cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the card”.

The company also warned household cleans, aerosol sprays and abrasives should not be used on the card.

Apple Card was first announced earlier this year as an expansion of the firm’s existing financial services, which include the Apple Pay payment system.

Currently only available in the US, users can set up and be using Apple Card “in minutes”, with the setup process possible directly from within the Wallet app on an iPhone.

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