Indian spacecraft now orbiting moon in search for water

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An unmanned spacecraft India launched last month has begun orbiting the moon before it lands on the far side to search for water.

The Indian Space Research Organisation said it has manoeuvred Chandrayaan – the Sanskrit word for “moon craft” – into lunar orbit.

Chandrayaan will continue circling the moon in a tighter orbit until reaching a distance of about 62 miles from the surface.

Scientists believe the presence of water on the moon could assist further space travel in the future (AP)

The lander will then separate from the orbiter and use rocket fuel to brake as it attempts to land in the south polar region of the moon on September 7.

A rover will search for water deposits which were confirmed by a previous Indian moon mission.

Scientists have said the water deposits could make the moon a good refuelling station for further space travel.

Chris Price
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