Twitter account branded ‘homophobic’ after mass-blocking LGBTQ+ users

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A Twitter profile set up in protest against inclusive sex education in UK schools has mass-blocked LGBTQ+ users.

People who have had no interaction with the account have logged on to find they have been blocked from seeing tweets by @QuestionLGBTEdu.

The account protests LGBTQ+ education in schools, referring to it as “dogma” and “doctrine”.

One tweet, on July 29, said: “Why would a responsible adult start talking about sex with five to eight year olds, let alone telling them they can choose a gender. Anyone who does should be stopped.”

Another questioned the message being sent out by the Department for Education when they issued signs that said “Being trans is being normal”.

However, members of the LGBTQ+ community responded that being blocked by the account was a badge of honour.

Adrian Harrop said: “The list of who’s blocked by @QuestionLGBTedu is turning out to be a veritable ‘Who’s Who?’ of UK LGBTQ+ Glitterati.

“Proud to count myself among what seems to be an already significant and ever growing number!”

Michael Johnson-Ellis from TwoDads.U.K told PA: “I’m quite happy to be blocked, as it’s toxic and truly awful. However, it’s more concerning the fact it’s on Twitter and not being removed.

“The content on there is awful, it’s literally shaming gay teachers and talking about the community so aggressively and disrespectfully.”

Most of those blocked by the account reported they had had no interaction with it, with many unaware it even existed before they were blocked.

Questioning LGBT Education said they had mass-blocked after receiving abuse online.

The account tweeted: “Blocking not so much badge of honour though as sign of following someone who asked all their followers to dogpile and report me. Had to be done, abuse was getting extreme.”

Thom Stroud, 33, from Bournemouth told PA: “I’m all for people questioning and challenging anything in society in order for us to learn and grow.

“However, on this occasion, if this account wishes to question LGBT education in schools, then I’m unsure how they can do this when they’ve blocked so many queer people, essentially placing themselves in an echo chamber of hate and bigotry rather than open conversations on Twitter.”

Steve Coats-Dennis, 40 from Croydon, said there was something “sinister” about mass-blocking LGBTQ+ people.

He said: “It’s like they are trying to promote their anti-equality education agenda without allowing any dissent.”

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