SodaStream develops SodaStreamME to carbonate your own drink with burps!


SodaStream is working with United States Astronaut Scott Kelly, who has spent the longest time ever in space, to develop a new product to help people stop burping and enjoy drinking sparkling water at the same time!

Users can self-sparkle their water directly by utilizing the build up of gas in the human body by blowing into a unique bottle attachment. Called SodaStreamME this on-the-go bottle enables you to carbonate your own drink simply by
blowing into it, thus releasing your excess CO2.

Based on research about the excess amounts of CO2 in space, SodaStreamME will help to create a cure for people who suffer from excess levels of CO2 , causing them to burp.

Kelly says it best: “When life gives you gas, make SodaStream.” 

You can see the full video with the explanation about how the technology works in this YouTube video below. The exclusive technology launches today – April 1st. 



Chris Price
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